"It’s refreshing to have a vendor provide this level of support"
Marcus Tanner, ICT Coordinator | ICT Teacher, American International School of Bamako
"I can't wait to use the Media Library with my teachers. The more I learn about it the more excited I am to have it."
Joey Andrews, Arkadelphia School District, USA 
"CACHEBOX works to maximise the bandwidth that schools get. So it's like getting extra bandwidth at no extra cost."
Alex Tin, Belmont Charter School, USA
"Other DNS vendors were either too expensive or inappropriate. We wanted an appliance that was easy to use and that’s what we got with DNSBOX."
Paul Schuur, Senior Consultant, Qwise BV, Netherlands
"Regardless of how much bandwidth you have, CACHEBOX is an excellent product that all schools could benefit from."
Roger Warne, Technology Coordinator, Atlantic Community School District, USA

Meeting mature versus developing needs

In more developed schools ApplianSys has found that dedicated network appliances can offer greater simplicity and better value for money than multi-function solutions. But schools at the start of their internet journey, looking to introduce e-Learning into the classroom, have distinctly different needs.

Same multiple needs, different value levels

These schools typically need to handle much smaller volumes of traffic and fewer user devices. But, in doing so, they still need the same core network services as more advanced schools with far greater traffic.

Network vendors prefer to focus their solutions at the higher level of demand because they can sell more units at higher prices, but this means:

  • Even the smallest models in a dedicated range are generally over-specced and thus overpriced for schools starting out
  • Where suitably specced and priced devices for each service can be found, integrating them is complicated, time-consuming and costs a lot more to deploy
  • Their advanced complexity requires expensive on-site technical expertise or engineer visits, something wholly unsuitable for smaller or remote schools

Dedicated or multi-function

Dedicated vs. multi-funtion

The table (right) shows how well different needs are met by dedicated or multi-function solutions.

Schools deploying e-Learning for the first time are not well served by dedicated appliances. These offer better value for mature school networks where the cost and complexity involved in deploying them is offset by the higher performance needed to handle demand.

Schools getting online learning up and running need a multi-function solution that is affordable, quick to deploy, easy to use. They will achieve a better return on investment with EDUGATEBOX. Deploying dedicated appliances for each of the functions it can provide will involve significantly higher costs and greater complexity.

With Appliansys that investment is further protected. Knowing how school learning environments evolve, EDUGATEBOX has been designed for growth to ensure a longer life cycle.

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