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"It’s companies like ApplianSys, that care about supporting education, which allow schools to do things they otherwise couldn't" Vernon Young, Director of Technology, Central Catholic High School, Pittsburgh "With CACHEBOX access time is so much quicker - almost instantaneous - when content is accessed by a second user" Jim Bingham, Franklin Pierce University "CACHEBOX has made a huge improvement to the speed and responsiveness of websites such as TradeMe and Facebook." Ray Taylor, CEO, Taylor Communications, New Zealand "The deployment review allowed me to discuss my configuration and performance. I knew CACHEBOX was doing a great job but it's good to have expert confirmation." Keith Stoeber Network Administrator, Sioux Central, USA "When we deployed CACHEBOX we only had 50Mbps - now we have a 1Gbps connection and it still makes a big impact." James Caudell, Network Administrator, Blanco Independent School District, USA

Our solutions make life easier for network managers in over 150 countries

At ApplianSys, we look at the challenges facing network managers and identify where an appliance solution could provide answers to their network, security and connectivity issues.

We integrate best-of-breed network application software from vendor partners and the open source community into our appliance wrapper. Simple, secure, reliable and designed to save you time and money.