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""The reliability of CACHEBOX's service helps drive us towards being more internet-based."" Stuart Jones, Outwood Grange Academies Trust, UK "We were getting congested daily, now I am shocked at how little bandwidth we are using, even after allowing student devices on our network." Jerry Butler, Chase-Raymond Unified School District 401, USA "ApplianSys techs are top notch and understand the device completely. It's a pleasure working with them." David Dobbins, Cascade School District 3, USA "As soon as the new system was up and running it started saving us time. Changes have gone from taking a few minutes per to a few seconds..." Andy Fleming, Systems Administrator at Kansas Research and Education Network, USA "The cost of bandwidth in South Africa is prohibitively expensive, and CACHEBOX has helped me to save outgoing costs" Steve Porter, YuppieChef

Our solutions make life easier for network managers in over 150 countries

At ApplianSys, we look at the challenges facing network managers and identify where an appliance solution could provide answers to their network, security and connectivity issues.

We integrate best-of-breed network application software from vendor partners and the open source community into our appliance wrapper. Simple, secure, reliable and designed to save you time and money.