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"I am very happy with CACHEBOX – and the response from staff has been extremely positive. Finally, we have the internet" Ashraf Sadiq, IT Assistant Manager, Qatar International School, Qatar "ApplianSys have been very proactive. When we first got the DNSBOX they called us to make sure we were OK with the install" John Yanekian at ACL Computers (NAHB), USA "The training and support that have been accorded to us so far has been useful. We appreciate the supportive attitude.." Derek Wong, Operations/Tech Manager, DST Multimedia, Brunei "CACHEBOX is working really well - the difference in Youtube and Facebook is remarkable" Ruggiero Antonio, Company Director, ASComputer di Antonio Ruggiero, Italy "We advertised our caching capability and it helped us stand out in the market place and win a lot more business" Gregory Eid, Managing Director at Teledata ICT, Ghana

Our solutions make life easier for network managers in over 150 countries

At ApplianSys, we look at the challenges facing network managers and identify where an appliance solution could provide answers to their network, security and connectivity issues.

We integrate best-of-breed network application software from vendor partners and the open source community into our appliance wrapper. Simple, secure, reliable and designed to save you time and money.