Performance Caching, Outstanding Value

"We’ve seen 20-30% bandwidth savings – that means we’ll have the ability to expand the network as we add new sites in future"

Juan Hernandez, IT Infrastructure Manager, Grupo Alcione, Mexico

"Serious caching, sensible prices"

Claire Dimetros, IT Operations Manager at Exeter College, UK

"We have not had to upgrade our Internet connection since we have gained 25% extra ‘free’ bandwidth. We’ve saved around $3,000 per month at current Zimbabwe Internet prices."

Jeff Klancke, ICT Director, Harare International School, Zimbabwe

"I can’t compare CACHEBOX with my previous box as this one is immensely superior!"

Malican Igua, Flood Plains Ltd, Papua New Guinea

"The other products I looked at were either very costly or not trustworthy. Then I found CACHEBOX. After 1 month’s time – with all the equipments in the network well configured, we achieve 30% to 40% performance improvement."

Pablo Cede, IT Department Coordinator at LabVita, Venezuela

You need CACHEBOX if:

  • Your bandwidth is full and/or too expensive
  • You want to be able to use more bandwidth-hungry content
  • Your users are frustrated because the web is too slow
  • You want to add more users to your network without overloading it
  • You need to monitor and control what websites your users are visiting

The CACHEBOX range combines high performance caching of modern web traffic with the security, reliability and ease-of-use of the appliance format to solve these problems.

CACHEBOX appliances and user interfaceWith CACHEBOX you will:

  • Save bandwidth
  • Deliver a better internet experience
  • Be able to monitor and control web usage

CACHEBOX customers come in all shapes and sizes – so far in 150 countries around the world. They choose CACHEBOX because it delivers high performance caching with outstanding value for money.

CACHEBOX is the best value solution because ApplianSys is focused on making network managers’ lives easier. As a result of our focus:

  • CACHEBOX caches clever – tuned for performance, caching “un-cacheable” content
  • We build a better appliance – saving you more time & money and making your life easier
  • We back our products up with world-class service
  • CACHEBOX is affordable, sensibly priced

Because CACHEBOX customers come in all shapes and sizes, the CACHEBOX range is flexible, with lots of options. So we can fit a solution to your specific need.

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Because CACHEBOX is versatile and scalable, our customers around the world come in all shapes and sizes. ISPs, education authorities, blue-chip multi-nationals, public sector bodies, small businesses, shipping fleets and hotels get more out of their bandwidth with CACHEBOX.

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