"Users are commenting on how much faster the service now is... It has been significantly faster since we deployed CACHEBOX"
Damon Rapp Director Of Technology, Claremont Unified School District
"We're happy with over 30% bandwidth savings and do not have to touch the box which is what we wanted."
Greg Payne, CIO\DTC, Hancock County Schools, USA
"Support was extremely helpful... They got me set up on Saturday in a matter of moments and followed up on Tuesday to make sure everything was running well"
Damon Rapp Director Of Technology, Claremont Unified School District
"The deployment review allowed me to discuss my configuration and performance. I knew CACHEBOX was doing a great job but it's good to have expert confirmation."
Keith Stoeber Network Administrator, Sioux Central, USA
"I have been tech director for twenty years. CACHEBOX is the best investment with the greatest outcome of any appliance I have ever purchased."
Louis Webb, Nueces Canyon Consolidated ISD, USA

Experts in Large-scale Deployment

large-deps3As the world-leading specialist in supplying dedicated, fit-for-purpose web caches to schools, ApplianSys has particular experience deploying bigger projects with large regional or national education authorities.

As early as 2003, we were supplying CACHEBOX to whole school regions in the UK. With single deployments of 200-500 units, over 10% of all UK schools were covered.

Since then, we have gained expertise in delivering large unit orders, as well as in deploying CACHEBOX in over 150 countries worldwide. Larger deployments around the world – from school districts in the USA catering for thousands of students, to networks of distributed schools in Zimbabwe – have taught us how to make large-scale caching projects easier. Easier to plan, to finance and to implement.

Helping large school districts in America implement caching across their hundreds of schools has propelled CACHEBOX to become a market leader. From Papua New Guinea to Canada, from Colombia to Albania, our large authority projects have further fine-tuned those critical factors for success.

  • The appliance – the most fit-for-purpose solution for schools that makes everything easier and delivers a lot of caching per $.
  • CACHEBOXCMC Central Management Console – managing everything centrally helps slash the operating costs of deploying and administering a CACHEBOX fleet to a fraction of the cost without
  • The ApplianSys team of technical experts – they’ve worked on large appliance deployments for well over a decade and are supported by:
    • A network of trained Channel Partners who can respond in all regions and time zones
    • Implementation consultancy and training services
    • Engineering services for bespoke development
  • Large-scale deployment expertise in:
    • Solution specification and design – with flexibility for pre-delivery configuration and tailoring and in-service tuning tp protect your investment
    • Detailed approaches for efficient fleet roll-out
    • Facilitating organisational politics, decision-making, multi-organisational buy-in and understanding

Our key account managers can bring together our sales, support, engineering, production and logistics teams to help make your project easier from the start.

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Because CACHEBOX is versatile and scalable, our customers around the world come in all shapes and sizes. ISPs, education authorities, blue-chip multi-nationals, public sector bodies, small businesses, shipping fleets and hotels get more out of their bandwidth with CACHEBOX.

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