"Your customer support really sets you apart from some of the others I have dealt with."
Weston George, Network Administrator, Monett School, USA
"I can't wait to use the Media Library with my teachers. The more I learn about it the more excited I am to have it."
Joey Andrews, Arkadelphia School District, USA 
"It’s refreshing to have a vendor provide this level of support"
Marcus Tanner, American International School of Bamako
"With ApplianSys there's a guaranteed level of service - we know you are experts at what you do."
Joe Meno Network Operations Mgr, Pacific Data Systems, Guam, USA
"We wouldn't consider any working with anyone apart from ApplianSys"
Joe Meno Network Operations Mgr, Pacific Data Systems, Guam, USA

Plug & play simplicity

One of the largest expenses in any school IT investment is the skilled technicians needed to install and support systems.

Whilst many regions benefit from technical resources at headquarters and other key locations, as a developing school looking to get online, you most likely have very little or none at all. And it’s simply not feasible to employ local technicians or have technicians sent to your location to deploy or support technology. This is why you need the simplicity and efficiency of ‘plug and play’.

As well as needing easy deployment, you need it to be quick. If you’ve subscribed to an internet service or your students already have devices, the time lost before they get online can waste your investment to date and delay the benefits of e-Learning schemes.

EDUGATEBOX keeps things simple for schools

All-in-one appliance

  • No operating systems to select and install
  • No hardware to specify
  • No need to ensure all the latest drivers are installed
  • No need to configure the user interface or any required monitoring and reporting systems
  • No need to define, configure and install a backup solution
  • No separate, complex operating software for each individual function

Plug & Play Deployment

  • Just like the compact router that a residential ISP sends to new subscribers, you can simply plug the appliance to a power supply and an internet connection to get started
  • Hardware and software are preconfigured
  • Clientless deployment means never having to modify any student device – usually the most time-consuming, error-likely step in the deployment of any network service
  • Even your less experienced staff can install and maintain the system

Highly intuitive web-based GUI

  • Through its user-friendly web-based interface, EDUGATEBOX presents non-technical users with simple configuration choices rather than detail that rarely need to be modified
  • Validated and automated data entry makes configuration quick and reliable
  • Comprehensive on-screen help provides clear guidance every step of the way

Secure, remote management

  • No need to be physically in front of the appliance to administer it
  • Secure management from any computer with a web browser, anywhere in the world

By keeping things as simple as possible, within a single all-in-one solution, EDUGATEBOX will get your classrooms online quickly and cost-effectively.

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