"It’s refreshing to have a vendor provide this level of support"
Marcus Tanner, American International School of Bamako
"We have had lots of network changes and the team has always been accommodating and responsive. Excellent customer service!"
TyRay Lathan, Network Engineer, Warwick Academy, Bermuda
"Support has been fantastic, always super responsive whenever we need any technical assistance!"
Mike Cook (InShore Technologies), Technician, Greater Johnstown School District, USA
"With ApplianSys there's a guaranteed level of service - we know you are experts at what you do."
Joe Meno Network Operations Mgr, Pacific Data Systems, Guam, USA
"I can't wait to use the Media Library with my teachers. The more I learn about it the more excited I am to have it."
Joey Andrews, Arkadelphia School District, USA 

Connect your classrooms to online education content

Using web-based resources encourages independent learning and enables teachers to use more engaging classroom curriculum. But simply buying access points or hotspots to get your students online isn’t enough. You need basic network services to make their connections secure, fast and reliable.

You need:

  • A local DNS cache to prevent timeouts and/or slow access to web content
  • DHCP service to cater for new devices being added to the network

However, most devices are inappropriate for schools that are connecting for the first time or enhancing existing basic facilities:

  • Some routers specifically designed for ‘rural’ internet connectivity are too small and won’t be able to manage more than a handful of connections
  • The other end of the market offers enterprise-grade network controllers – over-specced and over-priced for your own needs when you are just starting out

What you need is a device that will reliably handle your specific requirement, prepare you for growth in the future, and yet stay within budget.

EDUGATEBOX gives you exactly that. It is a multi-featured all-in-one appliance that acts as a router between users and the internet, intercepting traffic and providing advanced DNS caching and DHCP functionalities. It combines the simplicity of a home router with the reliability to handle as many as 50+ connections – all at a reasonable price.

The DHCP service automatically configures any of your connected devices with an appropriate IP address, gateway, and DNS server details to allow your students and teachers instant access to network services. It comes with sensible defaults to get you up and running quickly whilst offering the flexibility to tailor the solution to your school’s specific needs.

EDUGATEBOX incorporates a dedicated resolver with both high performance and caching features to deliver fast responses to your users’ devices. At the same time, it protects all users on the network from DNS attack vectors.

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