"We bought the DNSBOX because we were going completely virtual, but still wanted a solid hardware base DNS and DHCP appliance for a secure network. It gave us everything we needed"
Mauro Lana, Vidrio Financial LLC, USA
"DNSBOX allowed us to build a best-practice split DNS architecture in an affordable way."
Harmohan Sood, Reach Internet Ltd, UK
"Since we deployed [DNS]BOX we have not had any issues - it works perfectly!"
Manish Govindji, IT Manager, ZEE Communications Ltd, Tanzania
"DNSBOX’s in-built monitoring system shows physical device health and gives a clear picture of logical resources utilization."
Samson Oduor, Access Kenya, Kenya
"Great product, we are very happy with DNSBOX"
Adam Yon, SURE South Atlantic Ltd (C&W St Helena), Saint Helena

Create a Single, Synchronised System

A key advantage of DDI solutions is the integration of the IP address plan data with the live actual data held in DNS and DHCP servers. Deploying a ‘joined-up’ DDI solution addresses key problems with using separate tools which are only linked, if at all, through manual effort:

  • The cost of “fragmentation” is inefficiency and complexity
    • You have to enter data about the use of an IP address in the plan tool
    • You then have to enter the same information in a completely different tool which records live data – the DNS or DHCP data
    • You then need to keep checking that your actual IP usage is in line with what you said in the plan
  • Inconsistencies are likely between the live data and your plan: someone will set DNS or DHCP values which conflict with the plan for IP address space usage
  • If this task is shared between people in different parts of the organisation, maybe in different parts of the world, you have a recipe for making lots of work, and maybe even conflict between teams
  • You can’t get an accurate, single picture of your network which allows you to oversee the provisioning of IP addresses, manage address reservation and detect new devices

An integrated DDI solution makes managing large, complex IP address spaces much easier, faster and less error-prone. Data can be automatically synchronised between services and viewed in real time from a single interface. This gives you full visibility and control of your core IP services, saving you time and money.


Drastically reduce your workload

An integrated DDI solution is much more efficient.


  • A single intelligent software application takes care of both your IP address plan and your live DNS and DHCP data.
  • Instead of 2 or more separate data sets, there is a single consistent data set. The ‘plan’ is always in line with the ‘actuals’. In effect, you see two different views of the same data, depending on what task you are doing.
    • If you allocate a domain to a different IP address in your plan view, the relevant DNS changes are made automatically.
    • Attempted changes in your actual view which are inconsistent with the plan are either disallowed or you get to agree to a change in the plan
  • The time spent checking and reconciling actual DNS and DHCP values against a separate planning tool is saved
  • You can also save time managing all your connected DDI servers within a consistent single software application

Control your names and numbers

The idea of having an IP address plan in the first place, is to achieve control over your IP address space. Now that you have an integrated tool, fit for purpose, that wish can become a reality.

You now can successfully control how IP addresses are used across your organisation.

The IP address plan provides a framework for managing your DNS and DHCP. Because these are now automatically mapped against the plan, you will achieve more discipline and control in the organisation of your DNS and DHCP.


Control the work

Having a single, shared application – which could be shared by administrators around a whole global organisation – means that the sharing of the workload is much more controlled. Your organisation can design appropriate workflows, defining who does what.

Eliminate configuration errors across DDI services

Because you are now working with a single application and a single dataset, in a more controlled environment, you can expect the level of admin errors to be much reduced.


The result will be more reliable DNS and DHCP services.

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Because DNSBOX is versatile and scalable, our customers around the world come in all shapes and sizes. ISPs, enterprises, government agencies and even internet registers simplify, control and protect their DDI services with DNSBOX.

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