"DNSBOX is one of the most reliable elements in our enterprise. Simple to install and configure, it has required zero maintenance"
CTO, Texas Association of Local Health Officials, USA
"We have no complaints, we've not had to do much with the DNSBOX. It's pretty solid!"
Colin Norford, Cache Administrator/IT Manager, The Cable, Saint Kitts and Nevis
"I've renewed my DNSBOX three times, it’s that good!"
Lou Akinyemi, Director, Direct Employers Association, USA
"ApplianSys has excellent customer service and after sales support"
Jeremy Roberts, IT section manager, Saint Helena Government, Saint Helena
"DNSBOXes work as expected and have good reliability, so we are happy with the solution."
Tim Dyck, Operations Manager, PogoZone, USA

Work the Way you Want to

DDI management software systematises workflows to improve efficiency and control. This is bound to mean changes in the way you work to fit the new solution. Some changes are for the good, but other changes forced by the new solution may not be ideal for you.

DNSBOX is more flexible than alternatives, so better able to fit your specific DDI requirement:

  • It is more “open”. While routine configurations are made easy for inexperienced users, advanced users can continue to perform “advanced” tasks as before.
  • If you want to keep some parts of your existing DDI infrastructure or the current architecture, it is more likely you can with DNSBOX.
  • As your requirement changes over time, scaling your DDI network is easy and affordable.

Open System

DNSBOX delivers ease-of-use for junior network administrators without limiting the capabilities of more advanced users.

With a sophisticated system of user and group privileges, you can set restrictions on the permissions of different users. This way junior staff can view only the options which are relevant to them, while advanced users are given full control.

But DNSBOX does not restrict you to the options in the web interface. Advanced users can perform certain tasks via the command line interface and scripting.


And for non-standard tasks and integration with bespoke systems, DNSBOX provides a well documented Application Programming Interface (API). You can use this to integrate your DDI system with other network services, network management systems, customer portals and CRM systems or create new bespoke applications.

Keep what you like

While for many it makes sense to install a new end-to-end integrated DDI solution, others have sensible reasons for keeping some of their existing DDI infrastructure.

DNSBOX has advantages when it comes to working with what you already have:

  • You don’t need to to re-design your DNS/DHCP architecture if you don’t want to.
    • With its different components designed specifically for each different task in your DDI network, the DNSBOX range encourages Best Practice redundant architectures based on the orthodox master-slave approach, for a sensible overall price.
    • You don’t need to shift to a “grid” system with expensive multi-purpose devices at each point in the grid, for example.
    • If you want to replace DNS Slave A, DNS cache B, DHCP server C with appliances, you can have a purpose-built dedicated slave appliance, cache appliance and DHCP appliance, and only pay for what you need.
  • You can easily integrate DNSBOX with any existing DNS and DHCP servers if you have technical reasons to keep them or don’t have the budget now to replace them.

Flexible for the future

With its modular approach and hardware options, the DNSBOX range makes it easy for you to change over time: changing what DDI services are included, the number of DDI servers in your network, what each server is used for, how big a job each server has to do.

At each point in time, you just pay for what you need, without limiting your future options.

  • Licence and activate additional services on each appliance when you need them
  • All DNSBOXes share compatible hardware platforms. This means that usually re-purposing an appliance is as simple as replacing old flash cards with new ones. You pay any software licence difference and not for a new unit. Or if you need to upgrade to beefier hardware, you just pay a hardware upgrade charge.
  • As you expand your network to new locations or increase redundancy, adding new servers to your DDI architecture is easy and affordable, with specialist units each at a fair price for the job.

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Because DNSBOX is versatile and scalable, our customers around the world come in all shapes and sizes. ISPs, enterprises, government agencies and even internet registers simplify, control and protect their DDI services with DNSBOX.

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