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"We wouldn't consider any working with anyone apart from ApplianSys"
Joe Meno Network Operations Mgr, Pacific Data Systems, Guam, USA
"With ApplianSys there's a guaranteed level of service - we know you are experts at what you do."
Joe Meno Network Operations Mgr, Pacific Data Systems, Guam, USA
"It’s refreshing to have a vendor provide this level of support"
Marcus Tanner, American International School of Bamako
"I can't wait to use the Media Library with my teachers. The more I learn about it the more excited I am to have it."
Joey Andrews, Arkadelphia School District, USA 
"Your customer support really sets you apart from some of the others I have dealt with."
Weston George, Network Administrator, Monett School, USA

When first connecting your school to the internet, installing multiple dedicated network devices often doesn’t make sense economically

  • You don’t need the extra performance because there’s not enough traffic
  • You may not have the budget now for that much spend and need to spread over more years as school usage and demand grow
  • You may not yet have the skills in house to manage this kit

EDUGATEBOX is an all-in-one network appliance designed to get your school online easily, safely and at best value.

With EDUGATEBOX you can enable cost-effective classroom internet and e-Learning anywhere, however remote – and give your students the chance to leapfrog a digital generation, even where bandwidth is a problem.

Everything you need in one appliance

Designed specifically for schools in the early stages of enabling internet access, EDUGATEBOX offers just the right balance of features and functionality for a single classroom or anything up to 150 student devices. Everything needed, from routers to firewalls, from caching to traffic shaping is included in a single multi-function unit. EDUGATEBOX020, designed specifically for single classrooms, includes Wi-Fi, removing the need for a separate Wi-Fi Access Point.
From its simple intuitive interface any school can run a full service network, allowing their devices to safely connect to the network and access the internet, without having to understand the complexities of each on-board function.

EDUGATEBOX is designed to be:

  • Affordable – A fit-for-purpose solution that matches school budgets
  • All-in-one – Integrates every network function needed to get online safely
  • Simple – Just plug it in. No expertise needed. Manage it locally or remotely
  • Cost-effective – Combines technologies that save bandwidth and free up budget. It also requires significantly less electricity

ApplianSys understands the complexities of delivering school networks and internet-enabled learning. We have partnered with schools and educational networks in 155 countries since 2001, to provide affordable, efficient and easy-to-use appliances.

In choosing EDUGATEBOX schools are not simply buying off-the-shelf. They’re benefiting from a carefully developed schools solution – designed to take the stress out of getting students online.

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