"We wouldn't consider any working with anyone apart from ApplianSys"
Joe Meno Network Operations Mgr, Pacific Data Systems, Guam, USA
"Your customer support really sets you apart from some of the others I have dealt with."
Weston George, Network Administrator, Monett School, USA
"I can't wait to use the Media Library with my teachers. The more I learn about it the more excited I am to have it."
Joey Andrews, Arkadelphia School District, USA 
"We have had lots of network changes and the team has always been accommodating and responsive. Excellent customer service!"
TyRay Lathan, Network Engineer, Warwick Academy, Bermuda
"Support has been fantastic, always super responsive whenever we need any technical assistance!"
Mike Cook (InShore Technologies), Technician, Greater Johnstown School District, USA

Save bandwidth and speed up classroom content with caching

Without caching

When a teacher directs a class of students to online educational content (usually at the start of a lesson), each student downloads an individual copy of the content to their device and this all happens at the same time. This duplicate traffic can consume most or, very often, all available bandwidth. This congestion makes the internet slow.

In addition, software updates for all your school devices download during the day, and all at once, often causing worse congestion due to their large file sizes, slowing the internet even further.

With smart caching

When a student or teacher first downloads content, a local copy is stored on the cache. All further requests for the same content can then be served instantly from the cache at LAN speeds. Nothing is re-downloaded, meaning no further bandwidth is used. This not only drastically saves time, it lowers your bandwidth costs.

Software updates can also be cached, so your network won’t be hit by huge amounts of simultaneously downloading content during the day. Instead, software updates are served from the cache to all your devices at LAN speeds.

Special features for schools

In addition to high performance caching, EDUGATEBOX is packed with additional features designed to help you get more from your internet connection.

Pre-caching: Teachers can download web content ahead of any need during quiet off-peak times, day or night, to make sure valuable lesson time doesn’t get wasted.

Protected priority content: EDUGATEBOX self-manages storage capacity by regularly checking for no longer requested content. This can be cleaned automatically or protected from deletion where the content is important, or where expensive bandwidth would simply make it costly to download again.

Static video store: Stored videos can be grouped by your teachers and displayed on a page at a URL that you define. Similar to a local ‘YouTube Channel’ – but always available at high speed, and without using any bandwidth.

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