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Joe Meno Network Operations Mgr, Pacific Data Systems, Guam, USA
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Protect students and devices from online threats

Teachers want the ability to use powerful web content in the classroom, but education authorities cannot risk exposing students to inappropriate content.

To prevent students from misusing internet access and to protect them from accidentally discovering harmful / inappropriate content, schools need a solution that will:

  • Block harmful content or specific domains
  • Proactively monitor students’ internet activity to ensure positive learning outcomes

Schools must also protect their investment in devices like laptops and tablets from viruses and malware. Most ‘network security’ solutions offer far more functionality than a school deploying the internet for the first time needs… with a price tag to match.

  • Content filters that are designed to handle lots of complicated network traffic require expensive hardware and have unnecessary features that introduce unwanted complexity
    • When taking the first steps towards connected classrooms, you simply need the ability to block broad categories of dangerous content along with the flexibility to block/unblock domains depending on your authority’s ‘appropriate usage’ policies
  • Cloud-based content filters need high-speed internet connection to work effectively
  • Subscription firewalls have high ongoing costs and ‘per request’ licence pricing can result in unexpected charges if your requirement grows. An ideal solution for schools would have no vendor lock in, allow you to create your own block lists and have fixed pricing so that you know how much budget to allocate

To be practical, schools need network security solutions that more closely fits the feature need, budget and local technical expertise.

Content Filtering

EDUGATEBOX helps to protect students and devices with simple tools to restrict which domains users can access.

  • Create custom categories / groups and filter by these
  • Filter by category – e.g. Adult, Phishing, Social Networks, etc
  • Block websites by domain names
  • ‘Whitelist’ or allow certain sites
  • Block or whitelist all traffic or a subset of traffic, e.g. based on IP address or group (AD/LDAP integration)
  • Enforce Google Safe mode + other search engines
  • Redirect YouTube traffic to the school’s “YouTube for Schools” portal
  • Create DNS Blacklists


As well as controlling the requests that your users make, you need complete control over the types of traffic that your network allows in.

Powerful firewalls – such as those on EDUGATEBOX – allow you to block and admit network traffic based on type, source, and destination. With its reporting features you can identify where bandwidth is used and get full visibility of all traffic going in and out.

  • Protect local users from unwanted internet traffic
  • Give administrators complete control over the types of traffic users are allowed to access:
    • Block and allow network traffic based on type, source, and destination IP
    • Allow or block network packets
    • DNS Filtering adds further protection


You need network monitoring & reporting features to identify

  • How your bandwidth is being used
    • find out which students/devices visited which websites, when
  • Potential attacks on your devices
  • Automated email notifications if student devices attempt to connect to inappropriate content
  • Logs and reports


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