"The portal is very simplistic"
Anthony Grande, Senior Systems / IT Network Administrator, Phoenix Suns, USA
""DNSBOX automates the resolution of common queries and ensures a high reliability DNS service.""
Geoff Hall, Exel Logistics, UK
"My experience with the support team has been good, they provide really good help"
Jostein Solvang, Sparebanken Nord-Norge 1, Norway
"The DNSBOX slave has what I am looking for. I like the interface, the display of zones and the IPSEC links to the master."
Chief Network Architect, Leading Hollywood Studio, USA
"With DNSBOX we now have a hardened and easily managed solution not to mention the savings in space, electricity and cooling"
John Calisi, IT Manager of Operations, Tennessee Board of Regents, USA

Master Your DNS, DHCP and IPAM

DNSBOX400 is a master appliance for integrated IPAM (IP Address Management), DNS and DHCP. It is a central management server for controlling unlimited remote DNS and DHCP servers and enabling integrated administration by a team of any size, distributed anywhere.

DNSBOX Master - DiagramIt features an enterprise-grade fully-featured integrated DDI management application – first released in 1996 and now in its 7th generation – embedded on ApplianSys’ world-class appliance platform.

DNSBOX400 (Download factsheet) integrates particularly closely with the ApplianSys DNSBOX200 “slave” DNS / DHCP server, but is also compatible with any other RFC-compliant DNS server.


Use your IP space more efficiently

  • Track IP address space and network resources in real-time
    • Reports on IP / subnet use and allocation
    • Tree-view and other graphical reports on IP space


  • Utilize IPAM tools simplifying IPv4 and IPv6 address planning:
    • Extensive reporting on IP space usage
    • Embedded bitmask calculator
    • Simple subnet-DHCP server binding
    • Simple subnet-zone binding
    • Merge and split subnets on the fly
    • Calculate possible values for new blocks and individual IP addresses
    • Network scanning tools for locating clients, identifying rogue and orphaned IP addresses
    • Customise IPAM information with user defined fields
  • Re-use information from existing spreadsheets and databases using CSV Import/export
  • Script large or complex IPAM tasks via a Command Line Interface
  • Use rich XML-RPC and SOAP APIs to integrate with other systems

Simplify DNS administration

  • Automated synchronisation of live DNS, DHCP and IPAM data
  • Central dashboard providing:
    • At-a-glance view of subnets, zones and server performance
    • Powerful search tool for DDI data


  • Built in RFC compliant data validation of all entries to DNS and DHCP configuration
  • Automate DNS management process
    • Slave zone creation
    • Zone serial incrementing
    • Reverse entries
    • Validation and consistency checks
    • Pre-filled data entries from templates
  • Centrally monitor DNS and DHCP service performance on all linked servers
  • Command Line Interface for scripting large or complex DNS tasks
  • Support for DNS Views. Administer an unlimited number of discrete copies of the same zone(s)
  • Perform simple bulk data changes, including TTL zone values
  • Support for DNSSEC including wizard for simplified zone signing
  • ENUM support for mapping telephone numbers to IP addresses
  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6 records
  • Support for an unlimited number of remote secondary DNS/DHCP servers
  • Agentless integration with Microsoft DNS and DHCP
  • Push bulk firmware updates to connected remote servers

Control task delegation

  • Built-in local and centralised user authentication
  • Fully granular ‘User Groups’ feature lets an administrator maintain tight control over the rights of delegated users


  • Support for an unlimited number of concurrent administrators
  • Transaction log with audit trail (who, what, when); unlimited undo and redo
  • Host and zones templates can be assigned to individual administrators to simplify host/zone creation


DNSBOX400 automates synchronisation between linked DDI servers – giving you visibility, control, security and easy management all from a single web interface.

DDI deployments make it easy to:

  • Set up secure SSH connections and establish links between servers
  • Centrally manage and control remote DNS and DHCP servers from one interface:
    • Configure easily the same permitted subnets and DNS forwarding rules on all your remote servers
    • Push new firmware on to connected DNSBOX200s
    • Reporting – aggregated performance of all your remote recursive DNS servers

For smaller requirements without integrated IPAM, DNSBOX300 masters can be combined with DNSBOX200 slaves to give you

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Because DNSBOX is versatile and scalable, our customers around the world come in all shapes and sizes. ISPs, enterprises, government agencies and even internet registers simplify, control and protect their DDI services with DNSBOX.

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