"I quickly came to realise that CACHEBOX was a lot easier to manage compared with other, more expensive appliances."

Eli Vaughan, Networks Administrator, Medicine Park, USA

"I'm really impressed with the CACHEBOX. I've setup Squid by hand, so i know how much clever work has gone into the product to create the features and interface."

Greg Relaford, Technical Director at Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences, USA

"The simple web driven interface has enabled domain owners to make their own changes allowing our IT staff to focus attention elsewhere."

John Calisi, IT Manager of Operations, Tennessee Board of Regents, USA

"The unit was not difficult to deploy and it only took about an hour before CACHEBOX was beginning to serve cached content."

Ray Taylor, CEO, Taylor Communications, New Zealand

"The end-user experience is now much better than before and there are fewer support calls related to internet performance"

Jeff Klancke, ICT Director, Harare International School, Zimbabwe

"Installation of the device was very simple."

Ruggiero Antonio, Company Director, ASComputer, Italy

"Before purchasing the appliance I used to work with squid which is very time consuming. With CACHEBOX I now have the Web Interface which allows me to do anything I want within minutes."

Khaled Aly, Technical Engineer, Miranet, Lebanon

Slash Total Cost of Ownership

Investment in caching is often easy to justify because bandwidth savings and improved user experience add up to a compelling Return on Investment (RoI) – a no brainer.

Choosing CACHEBOX is easy to justify, because its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is so much lower than alternatives. Because it is easy to deploy, use and maintain, it is incredibly cost-effective.

CB-Quote-TCO2Since 2001 CACHEBOX engineers have spent thousands of hours:

  • Understanding and tuning Squid with fit-for-purpose hardware
  • Building caching extensions for modern traffic
  • Creating an elegant GUI to keep things simple for you
  • Making server management easy
  • Creating an appliance platform which delivers security & reliability

The resulting appliance advantages of CACHEBOX add up to big savings for you in:

  • Time – many hours of your time saved. Time is money.
  • Risk – much reduced chance of something going wrong, which would have a cost to you and your business

How you save

  • As CACHEBOX comes pre-configured, there is minimal installation overhead – no software to learn, hardware to spec, operating system to configure etc. Just enter a few details about your network and you’re up-and-running.
  • Efficient server management, an intuitive user interface and integrated reporting functionality reduces the administrative burden:
    • Because it is so easy, administration can be delegated to less experienced or non-technical staff, eliminating the need for expensive resources or training
    • Experienced users get far more done in fewer clicks
    • Validation features minimise operator error when configuring the cache or the server
    • Updates to the software, operating system and cache extensions are applied in one file with low downtime. No need to manually update each separately or keep up with version compatibility.
  • Managing multiple distributed CACHEBOXes centrally is easy with CMC – no need for a trained technician to physically access each unit.
  • Careful integration of hardware and software makes CACHEBOX more robust than alternatives – so you have less support issues and downtime to deal with.
  • Lower up-front cost, less ongoing cost: you can get a redundant CACHEBOX solution for less cost than a single unit from other vendors

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Because CACHEBOX is versatile and scalable, our customers around the world come in all shapes and sizes. ISPs, education authorities, blue-chip multi-nationals, public sector bodies, small businesses, shipping fleets and hotels get more out of their bandwidth with CACHEBOX.

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