"I've been very impressed with how high performance and low maintenance CACHEBOX is"
Derrick Fields, A-Rush Gaming, USA
"I would definitely recommend anyone who needs any kind of cache device to ApplianSys"
Derrick Fields, A-Rush Gaming, USA
"CACHEBOX is doing a great job without me having to do much"
Robert Rowe, Finkelstein Memorial Library, USA
"CACHEBOX is very important for getting more out of small bandwidth connections"
Helenio Sartori, Repubblica e Cantone Ticino, Switzerland
"After 1 month with CACHEBOX in the network, performance improved by 30% to 40%."
Pablo Cede, IT Department Coordinator at LabVita, Venezuela

Smart Server Management

As well as managing CACHEBOX’s primary job – caching web content – you need to take care of the “housekeeping” – deploying, managing and maintaining the server in your network. CACHEBOX makes this easy too!

Working with CACHEBOX, you will immediately notice all the smart administrative features – logging, backup/restore, reporting, alerts and so on – which make it much easier than working with a general purpose server.

But you might not notice what’s happening in the background. CACHEBOX software self-manages, checking what is happening in the appliance environment, and responding to events – for example by automatically restarting on-box processes which stop unexpectedly. The result is a more robust cache service, with less need for server administrator intervention to keep things running smoothly.


  • CACHEBOX supports the automated logging of system-level messages (authentication, operating system, hardware and networking). These logs are for fault diagnosis; there is no need to review them routinely. CACHEBOX performs its own maintenance functions and remedies for temporary problems.
  • Cache log files can be scheduled to be automatically uploaded to an FTP server, windows file server or Linux/Unix/Apple server running Samba on a daily basis. This allows logs to be analysed off-box and centrally stored to meet data retention laws or auditing requirements.



  • CACHEBOX gives you comprehensive information on the appliance – status of disks, CPU, memory, I/O, services and so on – and on network latency and throughput.
  • Information is presented in clear dashboards and graphs with options to customise what is displayed and what time periods are reported
  • Reports can be exported as PDFs and can be scheduled/automated


  • CACHEBOX can be configured to send alerts by email, SMS or SNMP to keep you up to date with events relating to hardware, system, service events or user authentication.


  • CACHEBOX can be configured to allow Simple Network Monitoring Protocol (SNMP) requests, allowing you to monitor CACHEBOX status and performance or create alerts using network management software.


  • Configuration data can be backed up with a single click, then archived or sent to ApplianSys support to help with troubleshooting
  • Restoring previous backups can be performed with similar ease
  • Backups can be automated and stored on-box or off-box



  • ApplianSys provides regular updates to add new features, improve performance and respond to new security flaws. These can be easily applied via the web interface.
  • When an update is applied, CACHEBOX retains a copy of the previous firmware. If, for any reason you want to switch back, you can do so easily.
  • Scheduled reboots can be used when upgrading firmware. You can download firmware updates during the working day and schedule them to be applied during off-peak hours to minimise any impact on your caching service.

Shared Management Support/Users

  • CACHEBOX is built to be administered by multiple users: The web admin system allows you to easily add new users, assign roles and delegate responsibility.
  • Users are authenticated either locally, or via RADIUS or LDAP.


  • CACHEBOX’s web interface uses configurable certificates to protect itself from ‘eavesdroppers’, ensuring that only people you allow can access your network data.
  • It also lets you control which machines or networks can access the user interface.

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Because CACHEBOX is versatile and scalable, our customers around the world come in all shapes and sizes. ISPs, education authorities, blue-chip multi-nationals, public sector bodies, small businesses, shipping fleets and hotels get more out of their bandwidth with CACHEBOX.

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