"ApplianSys is the only vendor that takes the time to look at our appliances for us, and it really goes a long way."
Mike Caruso, Orland Park Consolidated High School District 230, USA
"We rolled out 1200 Chromebooks to classrooms and CACHEBOX means that we haven't needed to increase our bandwidth."
Rodney Leer, Brenham Independent School District, USA
"Our bandwidth problems have been practically eliminated. Monitoring & customization is a snap with the web interface."
Desert Academy, Santa Fe, USA
"Once you've installed CACHEBOX, it really is just set and forget. Everything works really smoothly, it's straight forward to use with good performance."
Devin Pittman, Aldera Communications Inc, Canada
"With DNSBOX our speed of response has improved dramatically. Previously, if a business unit set up a website, we would have to..."
Jonathan Guthrie, Networks Manager, CMPi - United Business Media, UK

CACHEBOX is in the Haus!

January 05, 2015

Spadhausen ISP, Italy, has purchased a CACHEBOX solution to improve customer satisfaction and cater for its growing customer base. more »


June 18, 2014

Unicom Somalia, a newly established Wireless ISP in Puntland, Somalia has purchased a CACHEBOX100 to improve user experience. more »

¡CACHEBOX ya habla español!

April 17, 2014

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that CACHEBOX now features a multilingual user interface, with users able to choose between English and Spanish views. more »

Cable connects to CACHEBOX

February 11, 2014

The Cable, an ISP in St Kitts, has purchased 2 CACHEBOX310s to provide a better user experience and reduce bandwidth costs, helping them to compete on price with larger ISPs. more »

CACHEBOX delights Turks & Caicos

January 22, 2014

TCT, an internet and cable TV Service Provider on the islands of Turks and Caicos, has purchased 2 CACHEBOX310s to replace an obsolete caching solution. more »

Nexus connects to CACHEBOX

October 16, 2013

Nexus.Net - a small Internet Service Provider in South Africa - has bought a CACHEBOX solution as an alternative to an expensive bandwidth upgrade. more »

Argentina crying out for CACHEBOX

August 30, 2013

Argentinian partner Hitecno has already won several orders for CACHEBOXes to help internet service providers across the country save bandwidth and improve customer satisfaction. more »


June 25, 2013

TELE-POST, the sole telecommunication provider in Greenland, has purchased a pair of CACHEBOX230’s to optimise bandwidth more »

Brazil nuts for CACHEBOX

June 13, 2013

Computech, a new partner in Brazil, has purchased 23 CACHEBOXes to cater to wide-scale caching requirements throughout the Brazilian market. more »

Brusknet brisker with CACHEBOX

May 10, 2013

Brusknet, an Iraqi internet service provider, has bought a CACHEBOX solution to gear up for network growth and strengthen its market position. more »

CACHEBOX scores Colombia hat-trick

April 28, 2013

ApplianSys is pleased to announce several more sales in Colombia, as CACHEBOX sales continue to grow in the region. more »

CACHEBOX steppes up

April 10, 2013

Kewiko LLC, the largest wifi provider in Mongolia, has bought a CACHEBOX230 solution to control bandwidth costs and provide faster internet services to customers. more »

Kokonet milks CACHEBOX

March 28, 2013

Seychelles-based ISP Kokonet has purchased a CACHEBOX210 to improve customer browsing experience and save bandwidth. more »

CACHEBOX in Italian job

December 10, 2012

ASComputer, a wireless internet service provider in Naples, has bought CACHEBOX210 to improve services for its customers... more »

More Teledata through CACHEBOX

November 23, 2012

Teledata ICT has added a further CACHEBOX230 to its network to cater for its growing customer base... more »

No YouTube growth pains for Iraqi ISP

November 18, 2012

Qemat Alwasat, a leading ISP in Iraq, has bought CACHEBOX310 to ensure good quality internet access for its growing customer base... more »

ApplianSys hits a century

November 05, 2012

ApplianSys is celebrating a landmark century following a CACHEBOX100 sale in Ecuador, the one hundredth country that we've sold appliances in. more »

Wallis and Futuna pacified

September 01, 2012

Broadband Pacifique, an ISP based in the Wallis and Futuna Islands in the South Pacific, has bought CACHEBOX to improve internet performance for its customers... more »

CACHEBOX cracks Caracas bandwidth

June 09, 2012

Satelca, a leading telecommunication service provider in Venezuela, has purchased CACHEBOX to save bandwidth and improve internet speed for customers... more »

Margarita extra bandwidth on ice

June 05, 2012

Unicable Nueva Esparta, a growing ISP in Venezuela, has bought CACHEBOX to improve services for its expanding customer base... more »

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