"We love our CACHEBOX! It just does exactly what it's meant to do."
Angie Orvedahl, Esko Public School District 99, USA
"We are now saving up to 40% of bandwidth. It's superb!"
Erik Mortensen, Network Administrator, Efterskolen Villads Villadssen, Greenland
"Now we can offer much greater capacity with our DNS setup and we no longer have to worry about six year old PCs breaking down. "
Jonathan Walsh, IT Manager, Boral, Australia
"Other DNS vendors were either too expensive or inappropriate. We wanted an appliance that was easy to use and that’s what we got with DNSBOX."
Paul Schuur, Senior Consultant, Qwise BV, Netherlands
"CACHEBOX has met and surpassed my expectations! I'm getting a minimum of 40% average bandwidth savings per day."
Louis Webb, Nueces Canyon CISD


June 25, 2013

ApplianSys announced today that TELE-POST, the sole telecommunication provider in Greenland, has purchased a pair of CACHEBOX230‘s to optimise bandwidth in the region and improve web browsing speed for its customers.

TELE-POSTS’s ISP operation caters to small rural settlements across Greenland, serving approximately 1,100 users with two 200Mbps internet connections. This limited bandwidth was struggling to meet increasing demand for data-heavy content such as video-on-demand.

TELE-POST wanted a solution that would improve customer experience, save bandwidth and improve reliability. To accommodate future customers, the solution also needed to be scalable. Having investigated many options, including developing an open source solution in-house, the company decided that CACHEBOX230 was a good fit with its requirements.

Head of CACHEBOX Sales Roger Clark comments, “Many ISPs that cater to remote areas rely on caching solutions to keep their customers happy. Developing a caching solution in-house with open source software is not only difficult and time consuming but often cannot handle video content. With CACHEBOX, TELE-POST has a simple solution that will improve customer experience by caching video and other popular bandwidth-intensive content. It’s simple to deploy, easy to use and its compatibility with WCCP means that TELEPOST’s caching solution can grow alongside its network.”

TELE-POST (www.telepost.gl) delivers telecommunication and postal services to a population of approximately 56,000 scattered over thousands of kilometres. With headquarters in Nuuk and local divisions based in every town in Greenland, TELEPOST employs approximately 500 staff.