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Network Manager, Telehouse International Corporation of Europe Ltd, UK
"I needed an appliance provider that I could rely on for speedy support and ApplianSys has been excellent"
Kamal Essalai, CEO, West Africa Telecom (AirLink sarl), Liberia
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Stuart Jones, Outwood Grange Academies Trust, UK
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Kamal Essalai, CEO, West Africa Telecom (AirLink sarl), Liberia
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Network Administrator, EMAX, Peru

CACHEBOX scores Colombia hat-trick

April 28, 2013

ApplianSys is pleased to announce several more sales in Colombia, as CACHEBOX sales continue to grow in the region.

Solutions integrator, SDT Ingenieria has purchased a CACHEBOX230 to support a municipal network which provides connectivity for the 17,500 residents of Castilla La Nueva. The growing need for internet connectivity in the region can be difficult to address because of scarce bandwidth availability.

CACHEBOX is an ideal solution for SDT Ingenieria,” comments CACHEBOX Sales Executive Francesc Amador. “As an appliance, it can be easily managed by end users and remotely accessed by the systems integrator if more advanced administration is required.”

Meanwhile, regional cable television and internet service provider Cablebello have deployed two CACHEBOX230s in the city of Bello to relieve congested links and prepare for rapid growth. Cablebello use two 120Mbps connections to provide internet services to around 5000 users and they expect to add a further 1200 users in the next two years.

Cablebello have chosen to use proxy only sibling mode which ensures that content is not duplicated between their CACHEBOXes. This maximises the capacity of their cache, allowing more objects to be served locally and providing faster internet access for more users.

Outside major cities, the bandwidth challenge is even greater. Wirelessai use a 6Mbps satellite link to deliver connectivity to around 100 concurrent users on the remote Isla de San Andres. They’ve chosen to deploy a CACHEBOX100 to improve internet access speeds for their end users.

“Our recent successes in Colombia highlight the flexibility of the CACHEBOX range,” notes Francesc. “We don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’ and customers of different sizes benefit from price and performance options that can suit a diverse mix of requirements.”