"In my opinion, the support has been legendary. No problem was too small or too big. All got the same high level of professional service and attention."

Peter Atkin, Engineer at Computer Facilities, Uganda

"It’s been really valuable having access to support staff that really know their products."

Jonathan Walsh, IT Manager, Boral, Australia

"ApplianSys' sales and support staff are perfect. I haven't met such friendly support staff before. They're like my friends now. I can simply ask for help from any one of them."

Naif Orabi, Network Administrator at TAIF Ministry Of Education, Saudi Arabia

"CACHEBOX was easy to configure and we were very pleased with the support from ApplianSys’ engineers."

Victor Hugo, Network Administrator, EMAX, Peru

"The quality of support I get from ApplianSys is amongst the best. Their caching expertise and commitment to customers really shows"

Dale Pompey, IT Manager at Karib Cable Kelcom International, Trinidad and Tobago

"The pre-sales support we received was great, answering all our questions on functionality and deployment"

Dan Risher, Network Manager, UCG, USA

"I am particularly impressed with the response time, quality of interaction and professionalism shown by ApplianSys support staff"

Udochi Ododo, Network Operations Engineer at Galaxy Backbone Plc, Nigeria

"ApplianSys' support is the best we've seen."

Chris Jones, Network Manager, Macarthur Coal, Australia

"The training and support that have been accorded to us so far has been useful. We appreciate the supportive attitude."

Derek Wong, Operations/Tech Manager, DST Multimedia, Brunei

Serious Caching, Made Easy, at Sensible Prices

CACHEBOX is a range of purpose-built web cache appliances, with customers in over 150 countries around the world.

Why-CB-CompOur customers choose CACHEBOX because it delivers high performance caching with outstanding value for money.

CACHEBOX delivers high performance because:

  • It is simply a cache appliance – all the hardware resources are focused on caching
  • Its core caching “engine” has constantly been tuned by ApplianSys engineers since 2001
  • Intelligent caching features allow video and software updates to be cached

CACHEBOX offers outstanding value because:

  • It’s so easy to use and saves you so much time
  • It comes with outstanding service – to make your life easier
  • Compared with alternatives, prices are surprisingly affordable

CACHEBOX customers around the world come in all shapes and sizes – different sectors, different networks, different bandwidth. So the CACHEBOX range is flexible, with options to let us customise a solution fit for your specific need:

  • Hardware models for different throughput / performance levels
  • Software editions for the varying configuration requirements of different sectors
  • A Central Management Console to make managing large fleets of CACHEBOXes easy
  • Deployment, clustering and cache hierarchy options to fit all network scenarios

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Because CACHEBOX is versatile and scalable, our customers around the world come in all shapes and sizes. ISPs, education authorities, blue-chip multi-nationals, public sector bodies, small businesses, shipping fleets and hotels get more out of their bandwidth with CACHEBOX.

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