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"Before purchasing the appliance I used to work with squid which is very time consuming. CACHEBOX's Web Interface allows me to do anything I want within minutes." Khaled Aly, Technical Engineer, Miranet, Lebanon "With DNSBOX300 we have the first solution we've found which can do everything we need - control, auditing, security..." Randy Haynes, Senior Network Engineer, EDS, USA "I found CACHEBOX appliances to be focused solely on caching and much more affordable. The product has been in the marketplace for over a decade and was designed specifically for ISPs with the problems I faced." Kamal Essalai, West Africa Telecom, Liberia "When I'm looking for a solution I want something that makes the job easier, DNSBOX does just that" Network Manager at ACL Computers, USA "Bringing DNS in house will pay for itself because we don't have the ongoing costs of outsourcing it anymore" Network Manager at ACL Computers, USA

Our solutions make life easier for network managers in over 140 countries

At ApplianSys, we look at the challenges facing network managers and identify where an appliance solution could provide answers to their network, security and messaging issues.

We integrate best-of-breed network application software from vendor partners and the open source community into our appliance wrapper. Simple, secure, reliable and designed to save you time and money.