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Desert Academy, Santa Fe, USA
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Mike Caruso, Orland Park Consolidated High School District 230, USA
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Rodney Leer, Brenham Independent School District, USA
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Moataz Sabri, Topnet Internet Services, Saudi Arabia
"DNSBOX has helped me simplify network management"
Jonathan Ruble, Director, Wesleyan Christian Academy, USA

Saudi auto students speeding

May 12, 2014

Saudi Japanese Automobile High Institute has purchased a CACHEBOX100 to reduce bandwidth congestion at its onsite boarding school.

Students from across Saudi Arabia attend the school in Jeddah, with the institute providing accommodation for 400. Boarding students use the internet to study, keep in touch with family and access entertainment from sites like YouTube.

Situated in the mountainous region between Jeddah and Mecca, the boarding school cannot access a fibre network and currently relies on a 10Mbps VSAT connection.

“With up to 150 students at a time trying to get online through such a small connection, the institute’s bandwidth was congested and students frustrated by long loading times,” comments CACHEBOX Sales Executive Ross Parker.

As students are often trying to access the same educational material, caching is an ideal way to relieve congestion by serving commonly requested content locally. The institute had investigated other caching appliances, but found them to be too large for their requirement and subsequently very expensive.

“The institute plans to upgrade to a DSL connection in the near future so wanted an inexpensive solution,” explains Ross. “CACHEBOX100 gives them fit-for-purpose caching now, and will continue to enhance user experience when the institute upgrades to DSL.”

The Saudi Japanese Automobile High Institute (SJAHI) provides job-oriented technical training for up to 500 high school graduates in automobile technology and maintenance. The institute was established by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Government of Japan and focuses on Japanese automobiles.