"I really appreciate your efforts and zeal for helping customers. I have become fan of ApplianSys' sales team"
Amr El-Shafie, Infrastructure and Network Manager, 2P Telecommunication and Information Technology, Saudi Arabia
"Without CACHEBOX, Schoology would not load in a large classroom. With CACHEBOX, it loads well."
Kevin Powell, Technology Coordinator, Canton Central Catholic High School, USA
"I find CACHEBOX a cost-effective solution that requires little maintenance after the initial installation."
Shawn Organ, Network Administrator, Long Beach Unified School District, USA
"Our hotel clients have improved profits and seen bandwidth savings of over 30%, thanks to CACHEBOX. There’s been a great improvement in access speed for each hotel’s guests."
Leerish Ramsurn, BBCWYSE Technology, Mauritius
"We’ve seen 20-30% bandwidth savings – we can now expand the network and add new sites"
Juan Hernandez, IT Infrastructure Manager, Grupo Alcione, Mexico

Smarty Ants smarter with CACHEBOX

February 20, 2013

ApplianSys announced today that Smarty Ants, one of USA’s most popular education content providers, has chosen CACHEBOX to help schools worldwide deliver a better digital learning experience to students.

Smarty Ants sells an award winning reading software program to schools in Asia, America and Europe. The company discovered that its customers were not able to get the most out of their software because of limitations with network infrastructure.

It has therefore bought multiple CACHEBOX units to provide caching solutions in combination with its product – starting with deployments in USA and Indonesia.

CACHEBOX Sales Director Roger Clark explains: “Schools all over the world are adding internet-based learning to their curriculum, as it is proving to be a very effective way of keeping young students engaged.  A school can have limited available bandwidth whether it’s a remote school with narrow bandwidth full stop, or it’s in a metropolitan area with a much bigger internet pipe but it is a big content user and the pipe is full.  In either case, caching can help.”

“Like many other education content providers we’ve worked with, Smarty Ants see real benefits of using caching in combination with its product: schools want to avoid delays in accessing content during class time and, particularly in schools with slow bandwidth links, CACHEBOX makes using Smarty Ants’ software more effective.”

Smarty Ants (www.smartyants.com) is a next-generation educational tool created through a close collaboration between Mike Wood, founder of the acclaimed LeapFrog educational games, and a world-renowned educational Advisory Board. The company produces a world-renowned reading software program, for which it has won the Codie award in USA. Its personalized approach helps children learn reading concepts based on their ability rather than their age or grade. Smarty Ants Inc. has currently expanded its distributorship to Asia, America Latin countries, and Europe because of its fast moving growth.