"CACHEBOX is very easy to configure - we literally just plugged it in and everything was up and running in no time"
Eli Vaughan, Networks Administrator, Medicine Park, USA
"Working with ApplianSys has been a joy...the team were very responsive to our needs, very easy to work with and delivered."
Chief Network Architect, Leading Hollywood Studio, USA
"We have a 70 Mbps connection, and the CACHEBOX is currently showing us a savings of 11.74 Mbps"
Jim Bingham, Franklin Pierce University
"ApplianSys have been very proactive. When we first got the DNSBOX they called us to make sure we were OK with the install"
John Yanekian at ACL Computers (NAHB), USA
"Even un-cacheable content can be accessed faster due to the bandwidth saved by serving part of our traffic from CACHEBOX."
Jon van der Raadt, Connect Charter School (Calgary Science School), Canada

DNS on solid ground at Saudi Airspace

December 19, 2013

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Saudi Airspace has purchased a DNSBOX400/200 solution to manage DNS at a new datacentre.

Previously, the company’s SAEI (Saudi Arabia Engineering Industries) division hosted applications at a 3rd party datacentre. Now, they’re building their own to bring application hosting in house.
As SEIA’s services are essential to the safe management of the country’s airspace, they needed a DNS solution they could rely on: redundancy was a critical concern. With DNSBOX400/200, they get a robust, best-practice master/slave DNS architecture.

For additional protection, Saudi Airspace also purchased a failover unit for their DNSBOX400 which will be deployed at a Disaster Recovery facility. Should there be any issues with their master appliance, the failover can take over with no loss of service.

“Despite being only a small part of Saudi Airspace’s project, DNS is critical to its success,” comments Magdalena Jovanovic, ApplianSys Head of DNSBOX Sales. “As such, they needed an easy to manage, highly reliable solution so that they could move on to more challenging parts of their project with confidence that DNS is taken care of. With a redundant DNSBOX solution, that’s exactly what they get.”

Saudi Arabia Engineering Industries (http://saudiamro.com/Default.ASP) is responsible for maintaining the ground equipment and facilities that ensure safe transit of passengers and cargo in Saudi Airspace.