"Since we introduced CACHEBOX to our network, we have not had to upgrade our bandwidth in over 2 years"
Scott Mitchum, Technology Director, Central Plains Unified School District 112, USA
"With CACHEBOX, we are seeing bandwidth savings of over 50%"
David Saade, Head of ICT, IPMC, Ghana
"CACHEBOX help us to save money and optimize access to the internet. It helps us a lot that ApplianSys Support understands Spanish."
Arnoldo Vidal, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso, Chile
"We have seen significant savings, it's up to 77% on average for today, but it has been at over 65% all week - and that is WITH my Apple cache already in place!"
Damon Rapp Director Of Technology, Claremont Unified School District
"DNSBOX allowed us to build a best-practice split DNS architecture in an affordable way."
Harmohan Sood, Reach Internet Ltd, UK

Pick of the crop at Many Farms

June 23, 2020

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Many Farms Community School in Arizona, USA has purchased CACHEBOX to guarantee fast, consistent access to online learning and testing content for its students.

As a tribal, grant school located on a remote Arizona reservation, Many Farms only has access to relatively expensive bandwidth. With lower than average budgets, regularly upgrading capacity to handle increases in classroom traffic has been a struggle.

To help with longer term planning, the school signed a 5-year contract, doubling internet capacity to 200Mbps in the hope of future-proofing adequate internet access. But having equipped all 300 students with a personal learning device, traffic growth was regularly overwhelming capacity, causing congestion. The resulting slowdown meant classroom access to learning content was too slow to arrive.

Many Farms also conducts all assessments online – from PAARCC, NWEA, and Azellla (Arizona English Language Learner Assessment). When whole classes would access tests at the same time, the traffic spike would swamp the network. With reliable access to test content at risk, IT Technician Leonard Keoni needed a cost-effective way to control or better manage bandwidth. CACHEBOX was the answer.

As a dedicated caching appliance, highly specialised for schools’ traffic, CACHEBOX better handles classroom demand than anything else. All manner of online content including video and online testing material can be stored and served locally, instantly eliminating congestion while slashing the need for more bandwidth.

CACHEBOX will guarantee access to vital content by serving it locally, and at much faster LAN speeds, giving students a premium user experience,” says CACHEBOX Consultant Sergio Villegas. “And, by dramatically lowering the capacity it needs to deliver e-learning, the school can secure the longer term return on investment it needs.”

Many Farms Community School is an American Indian, tribal grant, community, and day school for grades K to 8, distinguished by its emphasis on academic excellence and on the development of character and creativity within the Navajo culture.

The school strives to provide students with the opportunity to achieve in an engaging, inspiring, and challenging environment. ​