"I could never have imagined the difference would be that huge - CACHEBOX is something amazing, and all schools need it."
Lori Faulkner, Director of Technology, MSAD49
"Since we installed CACHEBOX, we don't need to send all requests straight to the core to get an answer."
Devin Pittman, Aldera Communications Inc, Canada
"3 years in and we're very happy with CACHEBOX. It does exactly what we need it to do!"
Shawn Hostetler, Network Technician, Richland School District, USA
"We couldn't live without CACHEBOX. It saved us bandwidth, the appliance is rock-solid and the support is phenomenal."
Louis Webb, Technology Director, Nueces Canyon CISD, USA
"With ApplianSys there's a guaranteed level of service - we know you are experts at what you do."
Joe Meno Network Operations Mgr, Pacific Data Systems, Guam, USA

Warpspeed DNS for Cyberspace

August 15, 2014

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Cyberspace Network Limited, Nigeria, has bought a DNSBOX solution to ensure robust and reliable DNS services for its growing customer base.

The service provider recently introduced a 4G LTE service delivering faster mobile internet services.

This service used an existing Linux-based DNS system to serve customer queries.  However, Cyberspace’s Technical Manager Fred Young predicted that as more subscribers opted for this solution, the DNS server would become overloaded. This would result in customer DNS queries being resolved slowly, counteracting the benefit of faster 4G transmission.

“Customers would simply experience a slower connection than they’d expect having upgraded to 4G,” says Ross Horn, DNSBOX Account Manager. “As such, relying on the existing DNS system to support this new service was simply not an option for Cyberspace.  Moreover, the level of support on the existing solution was unsatisfactory and often led to maintenance headaches.”

Fred sought a robust and reliable DNS platform to implement and maintain the 4G service and found DNSBOX to be ideal: a DNSBOX200 slave will handle current recursive DNS and a DNSBOX400 master will be deployed to provision future authoritative DNS. One of the key benefits he sees in the DNSBOX solution is that it is hassle-free to set up and deploy and that technical support is readily available.


Cyberspace Network Limited was founded in 1995 and is an IT solutions company that designs, builds, manages, and optimizes customized networks and software solutions.

Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, Cyberspace was the first service provider to implement the MPLS backbone in Nigeria. It was awarded the network solution provider of the year 2008 and 2009 by the Nigerian Telecoms Awards as a proof of its capability to deliver quality service to its customers.