"Instead of buying more bandwidth, we wanted to make better use of existing bandwidth. CACHEBOX was a good option"
Raz Biramah, IPI9, Gabon
"CACHEBOX has met and surpassed my expectations! I'm getting a minimum of 40% average bandwidth savings per day."
Louis Webb, Nueces Canyon CISD
"In my opinion, the support has been legendary. No problem was too big or small"
Peter Atkin, Engineer at Computer Facilities, Uganda
"Our High School is getting around 35% request hit ratio. It looks very good."
Mariano Marin-Gomez, Director of Technology, Lindbergh Schools District, Missouri
"CACHEBOX offered three key criteria in one neat package: enhanced security, increased reliability and ease-of-use"
Mike Bird, IT Director, DHL, UK

CACHEBOX goes to Wentzville

September 15, 2015

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Wentzville RIV School District in Missouri has purchased a CACHEBOX420 to tackle bandwidth congestion and cater for a growing volume of student devices.

In 2013, Wentzville launched a 1:1 student-to-device scheme at its 3 high schools, distributing 4200 Chromebooks to students. This put heavy strain on Wentzville’s 250Mbps internet connection, leading the district’s technology team to build a simple DIY caching appliance to offload traffic.

Wentzville plans to upgrade student devices in 2016 and distribute the older Chromebooks to lower schools grades. This will double the number of students connecting to the internet at school, so the district upgraded to a 750Mbps link to provide extra capacity.

To protect its additional bandwidth from congestion and prepare for even greater traffic volume, the district now needed a caching appliance that could operate at the higher throughput allowed by their upgraded connection.

“Launched this year, CACHEBOX420 is a perfect fit for Wentzville,” explains CACHEBOX Sales Executive Sophie Clark. “Like the rest of the CACHEBOX range, CACHEBOX420 is packed with schools-focussed features but its hardware has been specified to handle a high volume of traffic normally seen at an ISP or large corporation. Fortunately, CACHEBOX420 doesn’t come with a carrier-grade price-tag! In fact, E-rate funding for caching has meant that Wentzville gets a fit-for-purpose cache with very little impact on its technology budget.”

Wentzville RIV School District caters for over 14,000 students at 10 Elementary Schools, 3 Middle Schools and 3 High Schools. It is located in Saint Charles County, one of the fastest growing counties in the nation and the fastest growing area in Missouri, 40 miles west of downtown St. Louis.