"CACHEBOX saves us a significant amount of bandwidth."
Leonard Neill, Technology Administrator, Laurel Highlands School District, USA
"We have consistently seen 70-80% bandwidth savings with CACHEBOX"
Anthony Outerbridge, IT Director, Somersfield Academy, Bermuda
"CACHEBOX works great, I heard about it at a local conference, and it really has done everything we need it to. Keeps us from continued upgrades."
Jonathan McCammon, Hannibal School District 60, USA
"The quality of support I get from ApplianSys is amongst the best. Their caching expertise and commitment to customers really shows"
Dale Pompey, IT Manager at Karib Cable Kelcom International, Trinidad and Tobago
"We are pleased to see how well CACHEBOX is performing in Guam schools - we see bandwidth savings between 60-80%!"
John Day, President, Pacific Data Systems, Guam (USA)

DNS is child’s play-play-play for Indian ISP

February 14, 2011

ApplianSys today announced a significant new DNSBOX deployment with Indian service provider 3pleplay. Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, 3pleplay is launching a new broadband operation offering combined digital TV, high speed internet and digital phone services.

The company is aiming for 100K users within the first 2 years, then plans to accelerate to 5 million users in the next 5 years. For 3pleplay, it was paramount to put a robust and scalable IT infrastructure in place to support such aggressive growth plans.

This large project, involving 28 vendors and a multi-million dollar budget, is led by Microscan, a Mumbai based system integrator specialising in high capacity networks provision to telcos and large corporates. Having done extensive research and evaluation of most solutions available on the market today, Microscan’s experienced consultants identified DNSBOX400 and DNSBOX200 as the perfect solution to deliver the core network services for this large and ambitious project. As Microscan’s Head of IT Mr Clifford dSouza points out, “DDI is a core business issue for a service provider such as Tripleplay. Having a robust and highly scalable solution is absolutely key.

“The DNSBOX range meets 3pleplay’s requirement in every respect: compared with alternative DDI solutions, it is a simple plug-and-play solution, making for an easy start in this greenfield setup. Yet it’s also a comprehensive solution which offers advanced management capabilities, maximum security and high performance which can be scaled affordably,” states Mr Ashok B. Shiroor at Mikroz, ApplianSys local partner. “Given its growth plans, clearly scalability was a prime consideration.  Having invested in the initial setup of DNSBOX400 master, failover master and 2 DNSBOX200 slaves, the company has an easy and flexible scalability path.  Without any changes to the existing architecture, low cost slave units can be deployed in stages, as the need arises, all round India or worldwide.”

Mikroz AS Solutions (www.mikrozol.com) is a security and network solutions provider based in New Delhi, serving ISPs, corporate and public sector clients, as well as smaller businesses.