"...in the last 60 mins of operation, 66.5% of request has been served by the CACHEBOX, which represent a 66.5% savings."
Austin Uwudia, CTO, Swift Talk Limited, Nigeria
"The manual seems to be quite comprehensive and the bridge configuration is quite simple to configure."
Samuel Penning, Lincoln Land Community College
"We got the CACHEBOX for our Apple updates as we are almost exclusively iMacs and iPads. It keeps us from having to pay for iBoss ..."
Jack Brula, McGregor Independent School District 4, USA
""Other DNS vendors were either too expensive or inappropriate. We wanted an easy to use appliance and that’s what we got with DNSBOX.""
Mark Albutt, Technical Manager, Probrand Limited, UK
"With DNSBOX, our previous IP conflict problems are non-existent."
Mike Neverdusky, CDE Lightband, USA

Faster web a DoDL with CACHEBOX

October 07, 2016

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Direct on Data Limited (DoDL), based in Lagos, Nigeria, has replaced its previous web caching solution with a CACHEBOX420 for its affordability and ease of use.

DoDL provides 600 corporate users with internet services across Nigeria and West Africa. The ISP used a different caching solution for several years to save bandwidth and improve customers’ browsing experience. However, annual support for this consumed a large portion of DoDL’s budget. When the time came for a hardware refresh, Chief Technology Officer Manpreet Singh was shocked to find it cost almost triple the available budget.

He therefore sought an alternative caching appliance that was more affordable and offered better value. He found CACHEBOX was ideal and deployed a CACHEBOX420 in the network to handle customer traffic.

Roger Clark, ApplianSys Head of CACHEBOX Sales says: “Expensive bandwidth is an issue for many ISPs, and web caching is an effective way to save bandwidth and money. But to achieve this, the caching solution itself must be cost-effective. Designed for simplicity, CACHEBOX requires no training to configure and manage, which keeps operating expenditure low. And because the appliance is affordably priced with reasonable ongoing support costs, the initial capital outlay is typically attractive even compared to other vendors’ licence renewal costs. Combined, these give ISPs a considerable return on investment.”


Established in 2002, Direct on Data Limited is an integrated end-to-end connectivity solutions provider for enterprise and corporate customers across Nigeria and West Africa.