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DSL-Elektronika no longer in a BIND

August 21, 2017

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Bosnian ISP, DSL-Elektronika, has replaced its previous DNS solution with DNSBOX to improve customer services and ease management headaches.

DSL-Elektronika provides wireless internet and email hosting services to around 15,000 customers over a 4Gbps network.

Previously, the ISP used BIND on LINUX servers for handling customers’ recursive DNS services. However, as its customer base grew, Network Manager Samir Kapetanovic noticed some issues.

“Many customers complained about pages loading slowly – some even reporting session time-outs,” explains Samir. “Because the old servers were worn out and dealing with an increasing number of queries per second, they often became overloaded. This was our core issue.”

On top of this, keeping up with security patches for BIND was a headache, with no way to automate repetitive tasks.

It was obvious to Samir that the network had outgrown the ISP’s existing DNS solution, so he researched and compared high performance DNS caching solutions.

Samir found DNSBOX to be ideal and deployed a high availability clustered pair of DNSBOX220 DNS cache servers.   Customer services were immediately faster and more reliable.

“The DNSBOXes handle recursive DNS queries for our entire network with ease – massively improving customer experience,” says Samir: “We now have a solution to match our performance needs.”

“The biggest management benefit for DSL is that DNSBOX is a supported solution – software and security updates are handled either automatically or via assisted support if needed.  This eliminates the management headaches from the previous solution.  DSL-Elektronika get routinely scheduled releases and rapid-release updates in response to security vulnerabilities,” explains DNSBOX Product Manager, Magdalena Jovanovic.


Established in 2008, DSL-Elektronika provides wireless Internet and email hosting services to thousands of customers in North-East Bosnia-Herzegovina from its base in the town of Modrica.