"Repetitive tasks that are complex need to be delegated in a secure way; DNSBOX delivers a good return on investment for companies."
Samson Oduor, Access Kenya, Kenya
"I’m happy with everything. It’s a relief knowing that the ApplianSys equipment is out there..."
Jonathan Walsh, IT Manager, Boral, Australia
"CACHEBOX is the first solution we've found which can do everything we need at a price which is realistic for the education sector"
David Batho, IT Operations Manager at Exeter College, UK
"Support have been excellent. They responded promptly to my requested and resolved my issue in a timely manner."
Damian Roche Capita, English Heritage
"It was pretty clear to us that we needed CACHEBOX as a permanent solution because we simply couldn’t deliver media-rich content in the classroom on our existing bandwidth."
Keith Stoeber, Sioux Central CSD, USA

DNSSEC key for ITC

September 04, 2014

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that ITC InfoTech, a subsidiary of the IT solutions global giant, ITC Limited, has purchased a DNSBOX solution to address security concerns over its existing DNS service.

ITC InfoTech hosted 110 domains for ITC Limited using two Linux servers which used BIND for handling authoritative DNS. However, DNS security was top priority for ITC and the company wasn’t convinced that its existing system had appropriate support against the likes of DDoS and cache poisoning attacks.

A successful cache poisoning attack would have terrible consequences for ITC Limited, misdirecting its users to malicious websites and/or disrupting DNS-reliant services like email. ITC recognised that security technologies like DNSSEC validation and TSIG keys could minimise these risks.

“DNSSEC protects applications from using manipulated or incomplete DNS data,” explains DNSBOX Product Manager, Magdalena Jovanovic. “All answers from DNSSEC protected zones are digitally signed. A DNS resolver checks the digital signature to determine if the information matches that published by the zone owner on the authoritative DNS server.”

ITC replaced its existing deployment with 2 DNSBOX220 and 2 DNSBOX420 units. The models support a full range of services and protocols required to protect DNS implementations, including DNSSEC and TSIG keys.

DNSBOX will defend ITC’s network against attacks and ensure data can be shared between servers safely” comments Magdalena.

ITC Infotech India Ltd delivers end-to-end IT solutions and services to its customers worldwide. It is a fully-owned subsidiary of ITC Limited, the US$ 7 billion diversified conglomerate and one of India’s largest FMCG providers. ITC Limited has been rated among the ‘World’s Most Reputable Companies’ by Forbes magazine and among ‘India’s Most Valuable Companies’ by Business Today.