"CACHEBOX has absolutely helped us with managing our bandwidth. It has been great with Windows updates and other software updates."
Dave Burek, St Charles Indian Mission School, USA
"We have eliminated human-error from the updates and with administrators no longer having to work unsociable hours there is higher job satisfaction"
Dan Risher, Network Manager, UCG, USA
"Our CACHEBOX has been online for two weeks but, even in that short space of time, the difference has been dramatic"
Bob Ney, Support Engineer at Esplanade Wireless, USA
"Support have been excellent. They responded promptly to my requested and resolved my issue in a timely manner."
Damian Roche Capita, English Heritage
"Since deploying CACHEBOX in our network, we are seeing 25-30% bandwidth savings and the internet is a lot quicker."
Pete Salmond, QE Academy Trust, UK

TRW Motoring with DDI

June 25, 2013

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that TRW Automotive, one of the world’s largest suppliers of automotive systems, has purchased a DNSBOX solution to improve its mission critical DNS services and facilitate central DNS management.

TRW previously used a BIND based system to manage its DNS records. Editing and updating theses records was becoming increasingly inefficient, time consuming and inaccurate. It wanted to upgrade its existing server management system across a number of locations to overcome these issues.

Having looked at several appliance based options, TRW found DNSBOX to be the perfect fit. The company deployed two DNSBOX400 masters and ten DNSBOX200 slaves. The solution was favoured for its affordability, flexibility and scalability: the master-slave architecture it employs means that once a master appliance is in place the solution can easily be scaled up by adding lower cost slave appliances.

Like many organisation with multiple DNS administrators, TRW needed an efficient way of sharing DNS management tasks: DNSBOX’s ‘User Groups’ feature lets TRW create different user groups with different rights to administer these tasks effectively.

DNSBOX is a great fit for TRW’s requirements” says Magdalena Jovanovic, DNSBOX sales manager. “The 3 core services offered by the slave appliance; authoritative DNS, recursive DNS and DHCP are run independently in separate virtual sandboxes, this makes it incredibly secure and robust. In addition to this TRW’s DDI administration will be much easier. The user groups feature will allow them to take control of task sharing and ensure that recourses are not wasted.”

TRW Automotive (www.trw.com), headquartered in Michigan, USA, is a major global supplier of automotive systems.TRW specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of automotive safety systems. It operates approximately 200 facilities with 70,000 employees in 26 vehicle-producing countries.