"Our bandwidth problems have been practically eliminated. Monitoring & customization is a snap with the web interface."
Desert Academy, Santa Fe, USA
"We rolled out 1200 Chromebooks to classrooms and CACHEBOX means that we haven't needed to increase our bandwidth."
Rodney Leer, Brenham Independent School District, USA
"ApplianSys is the only vendor that takes the time to look at our appliances for us, and it really goes a long way."
Mike Caruso, Orland Park Consolidated High School District 230, USA
"We've been using the CACHEBOX for several years successfully"
Mark Street, Network Admin, Sure South Atlantic (C&W Falklands), Falkland Islands
"We are effectively lowering the ping time to the website...This makes websites feel more responsive and customers like our faster service."
Ray Taylor, CEO, Taylor Communications, New Zealand

DNSBOX star for branded entertainment

June 03, 2016

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Branded Entertainment Networks (BEN) – the world’s largest provider of information on media product placement opportunities – has chosen a DNSBOX solution to ensure its remote offices have reliable and resilient DNS services.

BEN helps brands to connect with target audiences by placing their products in film, television, digital, music and online celebrity content. At the heart of the business is a large database of integration opportunities for its clients.

The company has a data centre in Seattle and 3 regional offices in London, Los Angeles and New York.  DNS service reliability is critical to its day-to-day online operations: employees rely on the internal network for emails, telephony and other services to communicate with clients.

Previously, DNS services at BEN’s regional offices were configured such that employees accessing the internet were forced to connect to the DNS server at the Seattle site via VPN, without local internet links to fall back on.

Mike Lanctot, Principle Systems Integrator at BEN, was conscious that long-term reliance on the VPN tunnel was risky: if it went down, critical business operations would cease.

So when a recent network development project for the London office kicked off, Mike was prompted to look for a recursive DNS solution to deploy locally at each of the regional offices.

He explains: “We wanted to provide these remote offices with more stable and resilient DNS services, but also needed to cater for the lack of onsite technical support.”

A DIY server wasn’t an option and many supported vendors he looked into came with unjustified price tags.

When he finally spoke to ApplianSys’ DDI Consultant, Vasco Figueiredo, he found DNSBOX was ideal for the project’s requirements. He decided to deploy a DNSBOX200 at each of the regional offices to handle DNS caching.

Vasco comments: “DNSBOX is a dedicated server appliance designed for network resilience. Its intuitive user interface provides BEN’s network admins with an easy, neat way to manage and administer DNS remotely.  On top of this, the solution is surprisingly affordable.”


Corbis Entertainment was a division of Corbis – a licensing agency founded by Bill Gates in 1989.

In May 2016, Corbis Entertainment was re-branded as Branded Entertainment Networks (BEN).  The company provides clients with instant access to specific content and placement opportunities across entertainment media.