"The CACHEBOX has absolutely solved our problem - we were expecting something like 20% bandwidth savings, but the CACHEBOX well exceeded my expectations!"
Karl Childress Information Technology Manager, BC School District 47 (Powell River)
"CACHEBOX has saved us money as it delayed the need to purchase additional bandwidth"
Adam Yon, C&W St Helena Networks Manager
"Overall, the CACHEBOX is delivering 20 to 30% upstream bandwidth savings."
Ray Taylor, CEO, Taylor Communications, New Zealand
"I am very happy with the performance of CACHEBOX. I get great bandwidth savings, it's quick and easy to use and the detailed reports give us all the statistics we need."
Hosam Mekdad, Fusion ISP
"The pricing was very competitive, the range presented us with options at different price/performance points to select from."
Jeff Klancke, ICT Director, Harare International School, Zimbabwe

DNSBOX frees services in Liberia

November 10, 2011

ApplianSys announced today that Liberian ISP West Africa Telecommunication (WAT) has chosen DNSBOX to provide reliable DNS caching for its customers.

The performance of WAT’s existing CACHEBOX appliance was reduced because it was relying on a remote DNS server which was causing DNS to time out. As a result of this, HTTP requests from CACHEBOX were also timing out. In turn, this was affecting its customers’ internet speed. To resolve this problem, the company decided to replace the existing DNS system with a local dedicated resolver.

COO Kamal Essalai says, “Deploying DNSBOX200 locally has improved DNS caching and our overall network performance. We were looking for a trusted solution, and as expected, this has resolved networking issues resulting in faster internet connectivity for our customers.”

DNSBOX Sales Manager Magdalena Jovanovic explains, “Most CACHEBOX customers using an overloaded recursive resolver locally or one hosted remotely benefit from DNSBOX servers, because a local dedicated resolver will prevent DNS request bottlenecks and improve the performance of CACHEBOX.”

West Africa Telecommunication Services (www.watelecom.com) is based in Monrovia, Liberia. It provides a large number of services for the professional market in the field of wireless internet networks. These include network design, construction and start-up. In addition, they also offer preventive and corrective maintenance.