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Rodney Leer, Brenham Independent School District, USA
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Desert Academy, Santa Fe, USA
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Harmohan Sood, Reach Internet Ltd, UK

DNSBOX new utility for Dalton

January 07, 2015

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Dalton Utilities, a telecoms and utility services supplier in Georgia, USA, has replaced its existing DNS system with a DNSBOX solution for high performance, redundant DNS services.

With internet services at the core of the company’s offerings, fast, highly available DNS services are crucial. However, its existing Infoblox solution – a pair of servers for authoritative DNS and another for recursive – was constantly overloaded and offered poor monitoring capabilities. Furthermore, the servers had reached end-of-life 3 years ago and were no longer supported by their vendor.

“Peak load on our recursive server would often reach 10x the off-peak load,” explains John Davies, Dalton Utilities’ AVP Network Manager. “The servers couldn’t cope, so our customers would experience failed DNS queries, timeouts and service slowdown. It was also hard to view data on current peak usage either for individual servers or for the total service – the reports we got just weren’t detailed enough.”

John needed to replace the old solution with one that provided high performance, high availability and detailed reporting. He found that DNSBOX ticked all the boxes and was far more affordable than his old solution.

Dalton Utilities have now deployed a DNSBOX400 master and four DNSBOX200 remote servers. One pair of DNSBOX200s is used as slaves for resolving authoritative DNS queries while the other pair run as recursive resolvers. All 4 are controlled by the DNSBOX400.

DNSBOX Product Manager, Ross Horns says: “DNSBOX is a great fit for Dalton Utilities. With parallel processing of multiple queries and reliable master-slave architecture, they now enjoy carrier grade recursive performance and a redundant DNS system. John can view real time and historical graphs showing queries by number, rate and caching hit-miss ratios, monitor service peaks, generate PDF reports and much more.”

Established in 1887, Dalton Utilities (www.dutil.com) provides utility services ranging from electric, natural gas, water, wastewater, and storm water to telecommunications (cable tv, phone, and internet) to the Dalton community. The company has won The Dalton Daily Citizen Readers’ Choice Award for the ‘Best Internet Provider in Northwest Georgia’ every year since 2008.