"We have very good bandwidth savings from CACHEBOX and support is excellent too. They are a good price for what they do"
Samir A. Alkadhumi, IT Technician, Gorannet, Iraq
"Repetitive tasks that are complex need to be delegated in a secure way; DNSBOX delivers a good return on investment for companies."
Samson Oduor, Access Kenya, Kenya
"CACHEBOX has really helped us avoid congestion. I get no mentions from teachers of challenges with the network"
Dan Shelton, Southwest Barry Community School District R5, USA
"We noticed a significant difference in our network year during our online testing once CACHEBOX was deployed"
Dan Fluckiger, Southeast Webster Grand Community School District, USA
"Support was amazing and the team worked closely with me to fit CACHEBOX perfectly in my network"
Jason Pelletier, Information Systems, Greater Lowell Technical High School

Chapingo reaps CACHEBOX harvest

December 22, 2017

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Universidad Autonoma Chapingo (UAC) – an agricultural college in Mexico – has purchased a CACHEBOX solution to save bandwidth and speed up access to online content.

UAC uses e-Learning to improve education outcomes, with students accessing online material using iPads and Chromebooks. These devices require regular large software update files to stay up-to-date and secure. Whenever new updates are released by their software vendors, all of UAC’s devices would automatically start to download the large software update files simultaneously. In just one month at UAC, this amounted to 10Tb of data.

This would quickly saturate the internet link, leading to congestion and content buffering in the classrooms. At these times, Ernesto Sanchez, Network Manager at UAC, would receive complaints and support requests from staff and students who were unable to access the content they needed for lessons.

To eliminate software update congestion, Ernesto has deployed a CACHEBOX420.
By caching and serving update files locally, CACHEBOX has freed up bandwidth for critical eLearning content.

Ross Parker, ApplianSys CACHEBOX Sales Executive, says: “Close to 50% of the University’s traffic is software updates, which are a huge headache for network managers worldwide. CACHEBOX has the ability to check for the latest version of an update, download and distribute it when the network is quiet. So, devices stay up-to-date without disruption to lessons.”

Uniquely, in education environments, CACHEBOX can also cache the HTTPS content which most eLearning platforms use. Ross adds: “So, with CACHEBOX also storing and serving popular web content, students can access much of their education material from cache – at LAN speed, without consuming internet capacity.”


Universidad Autonoma Chapingo is a public university located in Texcoco, Mexico State, in Mexico. Founded in 1854, the school moved to its current location in 1923. It currently teaches 10,000 students, and has 1,250 staff members.