"ApplianSys is the only vendor that takes the time to look at our appliances for us, and it really goes a long way."
Mike Caruso, Orland Park Consolidated High School District 230, USA
"We rolled out 1200 Chromebooks to classrooms and CACHEBOX means that we haven't needed to increase our bandwidth."
Rodney Leer, Brenham Independent School District, USA
"Our bandwidth problems have been practically eliminated. Monitoring & customization is a snap with the web interface."
Desert Academy, Santa Fe, USA
"We were impressed with ApplianSys’ dedicated support team. They are very professional and have helped us get the most out of CACHEBOX deployments for our clients."
Leerish Ramsurn, BBCWYSE Technology, Mauritius
"CACHEBOX is performing very well - we see around 50% bandwidth savings!"
Alain Lefebvre, Network Administrator, Nunasi Corporation, Canada

Elite International Academy

About Elite International Academy

Accredited by Advanc-ED and the Turkish Ministry of Education, Elite International Academy was inaugurated in 2018 in at Esenyurt, Istanbul.

With ambitions to achieve the highest learning standards in Turkey, the Academy spared no expense investing heavily in its network infrastructure and online repository of learning material for its 200 students.


  • 24Mbps fibre optic internet connection frequently maxed out from software updates, video and educational content
  • Actual demand spiking to 60Mbps – 3 times higher than capacity
  • Support tickets on network performance were high – students unable to access e-learning content, teachers unable to complete planned lessons


  • CACHEBOX050 deployed in Bridge Mode, handling all classroom traffic
  • Followed in 2020 by an upgrade to CACHEBOX130 for higher throughput


  • Up to 3x the effective bandwidth delivered by CACHEBOX – eliminating congestion
  • Much faster browsing, zero support tickets
  • 90% of popular e-learning content served from cache for a premium student experience
  • Easy and quick to set up and deploy

Classroom demand outstripping capacity, jeopardising e-Learning

To facilitate its e-learning curriculum, the Academy invested in more than 100 new devices for students and teachers as well as an expensive 24Mbps fibre optic connection.

However, when multiple students accessed their devices simultaneously, the spike in demand would instantly outstrip available capacity, resulting in slow browsing – jeopardising the outcomes of e-Learning at the academy.

In addition, student Chromebooks would frequently download large software updates as soon as they became available. This would cause further network congestion for several hours of the school day, as duplicate copies of these large files were downloaded individually.

“Students struggled to browse and access our online repository for educational content and download the e-books needed for classroom time,” says IT Manager Ahmed Alaaeldeen.

Overwhelmed by teacher complaints and support tickets, Ahmed was concerned that as more students enrolled, the problem would worsen.

CACHEBOX – A fit for purpose, affordable solution

Already spending over $20k of the school’s annual budget on bandwidth alone, Ahmed was worried that another expensive upgrade would affect the school’s plans for more student devices and online content. So he researched various solutions to help alleviate the demand on bandwidth.

Ahmed found caching to be the ideal solution. After discussion with CACHEBOX consultant Ilaria Mancinelli and technician Amna Ali, he was pleased it offered the perfect combination of schools-focused benefits and affordability.

“ApplianSys has over 15 years’ experience working with schools: CACHEBOX is specifically designed to handle bandwidth-heavy software updates and optimise delivery of popular e-learning content, video and managed systems”, says Ilaria.

CACHEBOX stores content locally and serves it back to students at much faster LAN speeds – saving bandwidth and, in turn, instantly freeing up more capacity for other critical classroom material.

Elite Academy quickly deployed a CACHEBOX050 in bridge-mode to handle the entirety of classroom traffic. Ahmed reports that “deployment was smooth and easy. It only took one hour to get the school set up.”

Seamless web browsing, no more complaints

Once CACHEBOX was deployed, students’ browsing experience had dramatically improved and support tickets had stopped.

By effectively boosting the Academy’s available capacity by up to 3x (serving over 60Mbps) CACHEBOX was meeting peak demand throughout the school day, enabling teachers to maximise internet use in the classroom, without issue.

And with CACHEBOX serving up to 93% of popular e-learning content directly from cache – the Academy’s students finally enjoyed fruitful classroom sessions and a seamless web browsing experience.

Ahmed was delighted: “Since we started using CACHEBOX, I haven’t had any complaints about internet speed or poor network performance. The teachers can now use educational online content efficiently, including video in class. We are finally making the most out of our investment in technology!”


Catering for Academy admissions growth

As the Academy continues to expand online learning, it is looking to enable more of CACHEBOX’s features for the maximum in-class benefits.

Since its inauguration in 2018, Elite Academy’s success has been dynamic – admissions have nearly doubled in size. With the increase in student numbers, traffic growth has been significant as well as sporadic, but CACHEBOX has supported that growth through boosting effective capacity, enabling the academy to do much more with less.

Happy with CACHEBOX’s performance and ease of operation and confident of further growth, the academy has chosen to upgrade its appliance for higher throughput. So many more future students and their devices, as well as a growing online curriculum, will benefit from being served locally.

Guaranteeing fair, consistent online assessment

With its e-learning curriculum expanding to incorporate online assessment, the Academy has been delighted by CACHEBOX’s Proctor Caching functionality. Serving test content locally guarantees every student the same, reliable experience, so no-one is ever disadvantaged.

During periods of assessment, CACHEBOX has met an average of 75% of classroom demand for testing content, not only ensuring congestion-free access but also serving it at LAN
speeds, many times faster than from internet servers.

ApplianSys works with Pearson and other leading online assessment providers to ensure content cacheability, including PARCC, ACT, SAT, PSAT and other testing platforms.

Benefitting from more CACHEBOX features

More recently, the Academy’s teachers have been making good use of the Media Library. By pre-loading teaching resources to the CACHEBOX Media Library ahead of lessons, the need for on-demand internet requests in the classroom is often eliminated altogether. And because that content is shareable with students directly via secure URL, students can view it without being distracted by adverts or risk seeing other unsuitable website content.

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