"We’re very pleased with the performance of the units. We’re able to use our CACHEBOXes to control content"
Juan Hernandez, IT Infrastructure Manager, Grupo Alcione, Mexico
"Even un-cacheable content can be accessed faster due to the bandwidth saved by serving part of our traffic from CACHEBOX."
Jon van der Raadt, Connect Charter School (Calgary Science School), Canada
"We haven't upgraded our Internet connection since CACHEBOX has helped us gain 25% of ‘free’ bandwidth. We’ve saved thousands of dollars per month."
Jeff Klancke, Harare International School, Zimbabwe
"I work with technology companies around the world and this has been one of my best experiences in terms of product support and aftercare"
Adam Yon, C&W St Helena Networks Manager
"The quality of support I get from ApplianSys is amongst the best. Their caching expertise and commitment to customers really shows"
Dale Pompey, IT Manager at Karib Cable Kelcom International, Trinidad and Tobago

CACHEBOX a fruitful investment

July 20, 2015

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Farmers Mutual Telephone Company (FMTC) in Idaho has bought a CACHEBOX solution to ensure high quality internet access for its customers.

The service provider currently uses a 900 Mbps fibre link to provision internet and telephony services to customers across Fruitland, Idaho.

Network Operations Manager at FMTC Andrew Griffin explains: “We have around 1,700 concurrent users on average: ensuring that all our customers get the quality of service they’re promised is top priority.  However, as more users join the network, the increased traffic volume puts strain on the link. That means customers sometimes have to wait for large files like videos to load.”

“Getting more bandwidth will allow us to add more users, but it won’t ensure fast internet access.”

Netflix caching will soon become redundant

A lot of FMTC’s user traffic comes from Netflix, so Andrew initially sought a caching solution that would handle this. Some very expensive caches claim to cache Netflix.  However, with a recent announcement that Netflix would soon move to HTTPS, it now seems that such an investment would be wasted.

When he got in touch with ApplianSys, Andrew found CACHEBOX offered an attractive solution to his problems.

CACHEBOX Sales Executive at ApplianSys Harminder Heer comments: “Appliances caching Netflix are likely to have many issues: Netflix requires a huge amount of storage space, BHR is often quite low unless thousands of customers are accessing the same videos, and now there’s a risk that it will be un-cacheable in the near future.  Spending huge sums of money on such solutions has very little ROI.  CACHEBOX, on the other hand, handles other large files – such as CDNs and Apple / Window software updates – really well. That means it frees up bandwidth for traffic that can’t be cached —at a very affordable price.”

Following this, a CACHEBOX420 was deployed at the company’s core site.  Andrew was pleased to find that it quickly reduced bandwidth congestion and delivered faster internet access to his customers.


Farmers Mutual Telephone Company was established over 100 years ago as a farming community in Fruitland, Idaho.  Over the years the community formed a cooperative: Farmers Mutual Telephone Company.

Since then, it has made continuous improvements to its telephony infrastructure and made significant advancements to the services offered.

FMTC now pushes fibre links to home and business deployments and offers high speed internet, Ethernet circuits, Fire & Security services, private lines, custom calling features, and PCS Cellular telephone service. It also offers VoIP solutions to businesses.