"We rolled out 1200 Chromebooks to classrooms and CACHEBOX means that we haven't needed to increase our bandwidth."
Rodney Leer, Brenham Independent School District, USA
"ApplianSys is the only vendor that takes the time to look at our appliances for us, and it really goes a long way."
Mike Caruso, Orland Park Consolidated High School District 230, USA
"Our bandwidth problems have been practically eliminated. Monitoring & customization is a snap with the web interface."
Desert Academy, Santa Fe, USA
"CACHEBOX made things much easier and it's great with software updates."
Dana Lehman, System Administrator, Highland Local Schools, USA
"CACHEBOX has allowed us to maintain our current Internet speeds for the past 4 years without an increase."
Chris Ashmore, Irvington Community Schools, USA

CACHEBOX first resort for Jumeirah

September 15, 2014

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Jumeirah Vittaveli, a luxury holiday resort in Maldives, has bought a CACHEBOX solution to alleviate network congestion and ensure excellent internet services for its guest.

The resort has an aggregated 25Mbps link which caters for 89 villas, each with multiple guests. The link is split to provide the resort’s guests with 19Mbps, leaving admin staff with 6Mbps.Technology Officer at Jumeirah Vittaveli, Shamikh Ibrahim, describes the impact of congestion at the resort: “During peak times, our guests and admin staff wanted to access large files from video and social media sites  which would consume all of our bandwidth and cause congestion. Our reputation was being hurt every time guests experienced slow browsing. In some cases, they weren’t even able to access emails reliably.”

“In the short term we had to ask our staff to limit their use of the internet at peak times so that the guests – who had paid for a 5 star service wouldn’t be disturbed.”

But Shamikh knew that a more permanent and effective solution was needed to improve issues around latency and slow internet speeds, and looked at several caching solutions online. After consulting with CACHEBOX Sales Executive Brad Smith, he decided that CACHEBOX210 was ideal.

CACHEBOX210 will deliver requested content locally, relieving strain on the resort’s network and speeding up user access. It will allow Jumeirah to provide 5-star internet access – in line with its reputation as one of the finest luxury hotel chains in the world,” comments Brad.


Jumeirah Vittaveli Maldives is a luxury resort based in Maldives. It is part of the Jumeirah Group – a Dubai-based international luxury hotel resort chain, itself part of Dubai Holding.

Jumeirah’s portfolio has won several travel and tourism awards and includes resorts located in Dubai, Maldives, Shanghai, Germany, Rome and London. It also includes two five-star luxury serviced residences in Dubai and London.