"Content Delivery Networks frequently change the way content is delivered. Most caching appliances don’t keep up as well as CACHEBOX"
Victor Hugo, Network Administrator, EMAX, Peru
"Our CACHEBOX at one site outperformed bandwidth upgrades at other sites over the past two years ..."
"Our CACHEBOX at one site outperformed bandwidth upgrades at other sites, so much so over the past two years that the district has decided to pass on updates to the network in favour of a CACHEBOX for all buildings." Scott Mitchum, Central Plains Unified School District 112, USA
"CACHEBOX certainly helped with our bandwidth issues."
Jeronimo Oliva, The ABC International School, Vietnam
"With CACHEBOX access time is so much quicker - almost instantaneous - when content is accessed by a second user"
Jim Bingham, Franklin Pierce University
"DNSBOX is a great value for the price."
Andy Fleming, Systems Administrator at Kansas Research and Education Network, USA

Wildcats pounce on CACHEBOX again

April 10, 2018

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Durant Community School District in Iowa – home of the Wildcats – has again chosen CACHEBOX to handle huge traffic spikes, despite having boosted its bandwidth by five times.

Durant deployed its first CACHEBOX solution in 2014, when it was struggling to meet demand for internet capacity. The school had an 85Mbps connection shared by over 600 students across three sites. Performance was poor, and slow content was negatively impacting lessons.

With rural bandwidth costs too high for an upgrade, the school deployed CACHEBOX210 instead. This delivered effective capacity of 120Mbps during the school day and up to 682Mbps at peak times.

CACHEBOX has done a wonderful job for our district,” reported network manager Denise Paustian, “Teachers can cache content in advance of lessons to meet those peaks in demand. And, behind the scenes, we can manage domains to ensure the right resources are accessible”.

The network has grown a lot since 2014. Durant’s 1:1 e-Learning program has taken off, more devices have been added, included iPads and Apple TVs, and students are accessing more video content than ever. Yet despite upgrading to a 500Mbps connection, the school still experiences spikes in demand that can only be handled effectively through web caching.

Therefore, Durant recently renewed its support contract with ApplianSys and upgraded to the larger CACHEBOX230 – which provides more caching capacity for the school’s higher traffic throughput and additional devices.

CACHEBOX has again proven itself as the right solution for Durant Community Schools, even after its large bandwidth upgrade. The District has confirmed that serving resources locally from cache provides faster, more reliable content delivery than using its internet link each time,” says ApplianSys Sales Specialist, Charles Noirot.


Durant Community School District is a public school district in Cedar County, Iowa. It consists of a high school, a junior high school and an elementary school, all located in a central building in Durant.