"CACHEBOX saves bandwidth and delivers content much faster."
Sundeep Jogoo, IT Admin, Middlesex University Mauritius
"When looking for a solution, we wanted to find something that would do the job without taking up our time..."
Jonathan Guthrie, Networks Manager, CMPi - United Business Media, UK
"ApplianSys does exactly what it promises... virtually eliminating a major business risk and slashing costs"
Mike Bird, IT Director, DHL, UK
"...in the last 60 mins of operation, 66.5% of request has been served by the CACHEBOX, which represent a 66.5% savings."
Austin Uwudia, CTO, Swift Talk Limited, Nigeria
"The biggest benefit is that we can make DNS changes instantly and adhere to the BIND industry standard"
Mike Bird, IT Director, DHL, UK

Caching lands better net

April 29, 2016

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Danish service provider and systems integrator, Infrastruktur, has purchased several CACHEBOXes to improve internet connectivity on large fishing vessels.

Infrastruktur provides internet services to companies operating in remote areas. In a recent project they delivered internet services for a group of fishing vessels using VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) satellite connections. Employees living and working on the fishing vessels for long periods of time want to use the internet to stay in touch with family, and keep up-to-date with news. However, the limited bandwidth capacity available can’t cope with demand resulting in unreliable internet access.

Jesper Linde Kjeldsen, owner of Infrastruktur, explains: “Employees on the fishing vessels are often out at sea for months on end and rely heavily on the internet to stay connected to friends and family. Suffering from scarce bandwidth, simply adding more wouldn’t help, unlike a caching appliance.”

Jesper knew that caching would solve the issue and found CACHEBOX to be the right fit for his customers’ needs. A CACHEBOX110 was deployed in one vessel, and employees immediately noted significantly faster web browsing speed.

CACHEBOX Sales Executive at ApplianSys Bradley Smith comments: “The internet is a vital line of communication in this day and age. CACHEBOX has helped many fishing vessel companies overcome issues with limited bandwidth. Customers choose CACHEBOX is because it is easy to deploy and manage in such remote environments.”

Jesper was so pleased that he purchased three additional CACHEBOX110 units – including one to demonstrate the benefits of caching to other customers.

“As the number of Infrastruktur’s shipping customers increase, CACHEBOX will help it deliver reliable internet to their crew members” says Bradley.


Infrastruktur is an IT consultancy and value added reseller based in Ebberup, Denmark. It helps provide affordable, reliable internet access and network services in challenging environments.