"ApplianSys' support is the best we've seen."
Chris Jones, Network Manager, Macarthur Coal, Australia
"I would say we've easily saved over a million pounds for going down this route with ApplianSys, when you consider.."
Philip Pearce, Strategic Technical Manager, E2BN, UK
"CACHEBOX makes a noticeable difference to our users’ web experience and offers a very good price-to-performance ratio"
Raz Biramah, IPI9, Gabon
"At peak times we used to experience poor network performance. With CACHEBOX we now have a nice gradual slope to and from our peak"
Eli Vaughan, Networks Administrator, Medicine Park, USA
"We couldn't live without CACHEBOX! It saved us bandwidth, the product is rock-solid and the support is phenomenal."
Louis Webb, Nueces Canyon Consolidated ISD, USA

Silicon Valley boosted

August 16, 2012

ApplianSys announced today that St Francis High, a nationally recognised School of Excellence based in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley, has bought CACHEBOX to optimise web usage for its students.

With a quarter of its students now using iPads, increased demand for web-enabled devices on campus meant that reliable internet could not be provided for 1700 students on a 45 Mbps connection. To get the most out of its existing bandwidth and improve connectivity, it decided to deploy CACHEBOX230.

Technology Director at St Francis High, Larry Steinke, explains: “What we need is a way to efficiently use our current bandwidth and avoid the cost of an additional tier to service the increasing demand on campus. At the same time we want everyone on campus to be able to view certain websites, run web apps (Google Apps) or iPad-based apps or simultaneously download internet videos (YouTube).”

Head of CACHEBOX Sales Roger Clark comments, “CACHEBOX is popular in schools in America and elsewhere in the world where the demand for web-based teaching is high. CACHEBOX230 has the capacity to store large video files efficiently and can be clustered with other units if there is a very heavy caching workload. Many of the world’s leading IT companies are headquartered all around St Francis High. Many of its students’ parents will work for these companies. So naturally we’re delighted that CACHEBOX is improving web access for Silicon Valley students!”

St Francis High School (www.sfhs.com) is a Catholic and Holy Cross community founded in 1955 by the Brothers of Holy Cross. It is based in Mountain View, California, in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay area. It has a diverse community of 1700 students and 110 faculty members. It offers more than 120 courses in eight academic departments.