"ApplianSys is the only vendor that takes the time to look at our appliances for us, and it really goes a long way."
Mike Caruso, Orland Park Consolidated High School District 230, USA
"Our bandwidth problems have been practically eliminated. Monitoring & customization is a snap with the web interface."
Desert Academy, Santa Fe, USA
"We rolled out 1200 Chromebooks to classrooms and CACHEBOX means that we haven't needed to increase our bandwidth."
Rodney Leer, Brenham Independent School District, USA
"We have seen many benefits using CACHEBOX - it allows us to manage traffic, cache videos and more!"
Daniel Noah, Network Engineer, Global Tech, Chad
"We can now cater for bandwidth intensive content including video and Facebook, significantly improving our customer experience"
Adam Yon, C&W St Helena Networks Manager

Woodland on mission with CACHEBOX

December 17, 2010

ApplianSys announced today that Woodland School District 50 in Chicago, Illinois has purchased a CACHEBOX230 solution to overcome a serious bandwidth problem which was having a high impact on teaching.

Although based in a metropolitan area, Woodland was suffering from very poor bandwidth. The school wanted to implement new online education content from Compass Learning, which required 128kB/s for each pupil. Head of IT, Steve Kohl, calculated that, without deploying CACHEBOX, just 200 pupils using the new learning environment would consume all the bandwidth of the entire district.

Woodland is delighted with the savings from CACHEBOX and confident of implementing the learning environment at this stage. “We often suffered slow performance. CACHEBOX has saved us about $30,000 a year which we would have spent on acquiring extra bandwidth” says Steve. “The district’s mission is Learning…to find solutions. With CACHEBOX, we certainly did that.”

Woodland School District 50 (www.dist50.net) is an elementary district located in northern Lake County and it is the seventh largest school district in the state of Illinois. Woodland School District 50 encompasses 33 square miles of Gages Lake and Wildwood. It provides education to approximately 6,700 students between early childhood and grade 8 and employs approximately 1000 staff members.