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Rodney Leer, Brenham Independent School District, USA
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Desert Academy, Santa Fe, USA
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Mike Caruso, Orland Park Consolidated High School District 230, USA
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Jimmy Ayala, St Luke Parish School, USA
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Dale Moeller, Rutland Independent School District 39-4, USA

CACHEBOX Able for Lincoln

May 02, 2014

ApplianSys announced today that Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) has bought a CACHEBOX solution to help relieve bandwidth congestion in its network.
LLCC’s main site has a 150 Mbps internet link. This connectivity is shared with 4 remote sites via dedicated MPLS links.

Teachers at the district rely on educational videos as a teaching aid – but during peak times these bandwidth-intensive requests slow browsing speeds drastically.

With a large portion of its traffic comprising large files, LLCC’s network faced two sets of bandwidth issues:

MPLS links from main site to each of the remote sites were frequently congested by video traffic. LLCC simply didn’t have the funding to upgrade these already expensive links.

Moreover, bandwidth at the main site was at full capacity, having to constantly deal with multiple video requests (often duplicates) from each remote site during peak times. Upgrading its bandwidth pipe was unaffordable.

LLCC needed additional bandwidth capacity and sought a caching solution to fix the issues within available budget. It found CACHEBOX was the ideal solution.
A CACHEBOX230 was deployed at the main site, with CACHEBOX050s in each of its remote sites.

CACHEBOX has helped LLCC make the most of its existing bandwidth, allowing teachers to use video in the classroom,” says CACHEBOX Sales Executive Sophie Clark.

Lincoln Land Community District, established in 1968, comprises all or part of 15 counties in central and central southern Illinois and covers more than 4,000 square miles.
Situated in Illinois, LLCC caters to a diverse community of over 7000 undergraduate students and teachers.

Its regional locations are situated in Jacksonville, Litchfield, Beardstown, Taylorville, Aviation Centre, Illinois Small Business Development Centre and Capital City Training Centre in Springfield.