"The scheduled reporting is very good - I like that I can arrange it to be sent to me every morning so that I can have a look at it as soon as I get into the office"
Damon Rapp Director Of Technology, Claremont Unified School District
"CACHEBOX has helped me overcome latency that bandwidth doesn’t solve - caching is the ONLY way to overcome latency in a network."
John Day Sales, Pacific Data Systems, Guam (USA)
"We've seen speed increases of up to 60% and it's never below 20%"
Felipe López Placencio, IT Analyst, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparasio
"We have seen significant savings, it's up to 77% on average for today, but it has been at over 65% all week - and that is WITH my Apple cache already in place!"
Damon Rapp Director Of Technology, Claremont Unified School District
"Appliansys are a very responsive organisation; everything we have asked for has been delivered"
Patrick Kirk, Network Manager, Leeds City Council, UK

Cache of gold in El Dorado

September 12, 2018

In 2016, El Dorado Springs School District R2 in Missouri deployed a CACHEBOX to delay upgrading bandwidth until student numbers had grown sufficiently. Now, despite two capacity upgrades in two years, a recent Performance Review shows caching still delivering vital speed increases in the classroom, often many times faster than even its newest internet capacity.

With more student admissions compounding the rise in web demand, the district has opted to upgrade its internet connection each year. After its recent jump to 250Mbps, El Dorado expected the benefits of caching to diminish but instead, after reviewing performance with an ApplianSys engineer (a free feature of ApplianSys’ standard support package), it found caching more important than ever.

CACHEBOX is helping the district keep pace with student and laptop/tablet numbers, enabling speedy content delivery in the classroom regardless of growth. In fact, CACHEBOX is continuing to serve as much as 96% of content, and that includes the huge waves of sizeable bandwidth-heavy operating system updates now generated by its fleets of student devices.

So, rather than saturate the internet connection – the norm for many schools – Microsoft and Chromebook updates are offloaded to local cache, freeing up capacity to support even more learning content or additional devices.

“Caching performance has steadily increased with more and more content being served locally. And because it’s delivered over the LAN, it’s often much faster than from the internet – up to 20x faster,” says Sergio Villegas, CACHEBOX Consultant.


El Dorado Springs now serves 1,200 students across rural Cedar County, with the R-2 District also including parts of Vernon and St. Clair counties in southwest Missouri.  The district’s mission is to provide an appropriate, comprehensive, quality education for ALL students with an emphasis on lifelong learning, character development, and the acquisition of skills necessary for full participation in a changing society.