"Our hotel clients have improved profits and seen bandwidth savings of over 30%, thanks to CACHEBOX. There’s been a great improvement in access speed for each hotel’s guests."
Leerish Ramsurn, BBCWYSE Technology, Mauritius
"Support have been excellent. They responded promptly to my requested and resolved my issue in a timely manner."
Damian Roche Capita, English Heritage
"I can't believe how low CACHEBOX is priced, especially compared to other cache products with half the features!"
Chris Logan, Asheville Christian Academy, USA
"ApplianSys have met all of our requirements as a DNS provider and the platform has provided us with a secure and robust solution"
Karl Jackson, Network Architect, 8el, UK
"The price of CACHEBOX is sensible. It is a great value solution!"
Nizar Hamoudah, Network Administrator, Zaytona, West Bank


August 01, 2016

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Afghan network service provider, Ariana Network Services, has purchased 2 DNSBOX220s and a CACHEBOX230 to protect its DNS service and provide its growing customer base with an excellent level of web user experience.

Ariana provides internet and data services via WiMAX (a wireless alternative to DSL for the delivery of last mile broadband access) across Afghanistan. Following rapid growth, the ISP’s Linux-based DNS servers were underperforming and the hardware used needed an upgrade.

The growth in users also made it more difficult to provide fast web browsing for its customers whilst controlling internet backhaul costs.

Farhad Azizi, the Network Manager for Ariana Network Services, said: “More customers means higher network utilization. Now we need to improve network performance and reduce internet backhaul as much as possible.”

Farhad recognised that the ISP’s existing overloaded DNS resolver was introducing latency. A high performance DNSBOX solution gives Ariana the performance to deal with current workload and the further growth it expects. He also found CACHEBOX would give customers even faster web access by serving content locally. And because content served from CACHEBOX does not use the upstream connection, Ariana has more capacity for growth.

Farhad also liked that both DNSBOX and CACHEBOX are dedicated appliances – unlike other options where DNS or caching was a small component of a larger product, with lots of features that Ariana didn’t need.

Because DNSBOX is affordable, Ariana could deploy a second DNSBOX230 for redundancy, providing peace of mind that it could deliver an uninterrupted DNS service for customer requests.

ApplianSys DNSBOX Sales Executive Vasco Figueiredo comments: “Ariana Network services were looking for an affordable solution to the challenges it faced: its growing customer base and the old systems in place. By deploying both DNSBOX and CACHEBOX Ariana has solved its immediate issues and supports continued growth.”

Ariana Network Services (http://ans.af/) is an ISP in Afghanistan, which provides internet & data related services across the country. It utilises state-of-the-art microwave broadband technology and has access to over 500 operational microwave links throughout Afghanistan.