"We saved 30% bandwidth with YouTube caching last year and even more for software updates - 83% for Adobe, 86% for Apple"
Mariano Marin-Gomez, Director of Technology, Lindbergh Schools District, Missouri
"With DNSBOX you don't have to worry about server management or o/s management. You can plug it in and forget about it..."
Philip Pearce, Strategic Technical Manager, E2BN, UK
"ApplianSys didn't try to re-invent the wheel just for the sake of it. They accepted our findings and looked for ways to refine it..."
Philip Pearce, Strategic Technical Manager, E2BN, UK
"DNSBOX has brought tremendous value to our organization. We could easily associate a 7.7€k saving a year"
John Calisi, IT Manager of Operations, Tennessee Board of Regents, USA
"DNSBOX offers a great API. I found it quite powerful and useful, especially for Telcos."
William Caban, Technician, Netxar Technologies, Puerto Rico

Outwood Grange trusts CACHEBOX

March 21, 2014

ApplianSys announced today that Outwood Grange Academies Trust (OGAT), comprised of 10 schools in West Yorkshire, UK, has purchased a CACHEBOX solution to enable teachers to use online content in the classroom.

Teachers at OGAT wanted to use content such as YouTube videos during lessons. However, other heavy traffic like software updates congested the connection, making video and educational content extremely slow to access.

Stuart Jones, Strategic Technology Officer at OGAT, identified the need for a caching solution that was affordable, simple and effective in improving internet access in the classroom. He decided the CACHEBOX200 series was the perfect fit and deployed six units across OGAT’s sites.

Stuart comments: “We found CACHEBOX easy to set up. Since deploying it our connection speed is 20% faster and we save 25% – 45% bandwidth across schools of different sizes.”

Harminder Heer, Account Manager at ApplianSys, adds: “We’re really pleased to hear that the improved speed delivered by CACHEBOX helps teachers use online learning materials in the classroom. We’re looking forward to improving internet performance at the rest of Outwood Grange’s schools.”

The Outwood Grange Academies Trust (www.outwood.com) was borne out of the success of Outwood Grange, a large school of 2,200 students which has achieved record exam results every year for the past 10 years. It is acknowledged nationally as a high performing chain of schools.