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Mark Albutt, Technical Manager, Probrand Limited, UK
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Heiko Rehmn, CEO, Pyramite-IT
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Louis Webb, Nueces Canyon Consolidated Independent School District, USA

Easier record-keeping for Maryland

June 18, 2013

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that the US state of Maryland has purchased a DNSBOX400/200 solution for the State Archives (MSA), to replace an in-house system which was difficult and time-consuming to maintain.

MSA wanted to use appliances that made DDI secure, reliable and easy to use. They also wanted to prepare for the future by deploying a solution that supports IPv6 and DNSSEC. Having appraised a product from one of the market’s largest DDI vendors, MSA found that it featured a high level of complexity and a price which they found excessive for their requirement.

“Maryland needed a solution that fit their requirements neatly with no unnecessary features or complexity,” explains Magdalena Jovanovic, Head of DNSBOX sales. “That’s what made DNSBOX such a good choice”

DNSBOX is designed to make it easy to control and protect core DDI services. It also addresses issues that really concern Network Managers including DNSSEC and IPv6. These standards are being adopted at a quickening pace so anyone planning to upgrade DNS infrastructure should ensure that their new solution can handle these upcoming challenges,” added Magdalena.

DNSBOX features simple, secure DNSSEC key management which is automated to reduce administrative workload and avoid user-error. DNSBOX’s IPAM functionality is also automated and will help Maryland State Archives to deal with the complexity of IPv6 as it becomes more widely used.

Maryland State Archives (http://msa.maryland.gov/) is the central depository for government records for the US state of Maryland. In manuscript, print and electronic formats, they store and provide access to state executive, legislative & judicial records; land & business records; government publications and special collections of maps, newspapers, photographs and private papers dating back to 1634.