"Serious caching, sensible prices"
Claire Dimetros, IT Operations Manager at Exeter College, UK
"The way the appliance is designed is very convenient. The size is sensible and you can place it anywhere you want. "
Khaled Aly, Miranet
"We chose ApplianSys because its products are user friendly, reliable, and backed-up with excellent support"
Peter Atkin, Engineer at Computer Facilities, Uganda
"DNSBOX can be managed by non-professional technicians. Just teach them a few quick steps then off they go"
Naif Orabi, Network Administrator at TAIF Ministry Of Education, Saudi Arabia
"We're getting great bandwidth savings - 40% byte hit ratio and we saw ~80% during a recent round of Apple updates"
Aqib Korai, Network Manager, Liptinfor, Nigeria

Atlantic spreads across Afghanistan

October 28, 2016

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Unique Atlantic Telecommunication, Afghanistan, has replaced its previous caching solution with CACHEBOX to save bandwidth and improve customer satisfaction.

The ISP provides internet services to customers across three sites via wireless and VSAT connections: an HQ in Kabul with a 100Mbps connection, and two other sites with 20Mbps each.
UA Telecom’s System Administrator, Mahmoodshah Sakha, was concerned about the impact of limited bandwidth on his customers’ user experience.

“During peak times there’s a lot of bandwidth congestion from software updates. When these large files download simultaneously, it causes very slow browsing speeds for customers.”

“We previously deployed an open source caching solution to save bandwidth on repeat requests, but it proved difficult to manage. A lot of time was spent doing manual configurations. Simple mistakes could take hours to fix and no support was available. All of this led to increased overhead costs.”

Mahmoodshah knew that caching was necessary to ensure a better experience for his customers, and searched for a supported alternative. He found CACHEBOX ideal for its affordability and ease of use, and decided to purchase a unit for each of the sites.

CACHEBOX Sales Executive, David Zangouras, says: “By caching repeat customer requests – especially large bandwidth hogs like software updates – Unique Atlantic now has more available bandwidth. That means more requests can be served for a growing customer base, without compromising quality of service.”

Founded in 2009, Unique Atlantic Telecommunication is an ISP headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan, and has two other sites in Kandahar and Mazar. UA Telecom provides internet services all over Afghanistan, through Wireless and VSAT coverage.