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Sundeep Jogoo, IT Assistant Admin, Middlesex University, Mauritius
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Graham Gifford ICT Director, PGA European Tour, UK
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Claire Dimetros, IT Manager, Essex County Council, UK
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Mehul Dhoraija, Systems Analyst, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, USA

Excellent CACHEBOX supports excellence

March 11, 2022

ApplianSys is pleased to announce that Arkadelphia Public Schools District in Arkansas, USA – an existing CACHEBOX user since 2017 – have recently upgraded to a CACHEBOX420 to maintain a consistently good e-learning experience.

Arkadelphia first purchased a CACHEBOX310 from ApplianSys in 2017. Although they theoretically had sufficient bandwidth, they had been experiencing traffic spikes and congestion in the classrooms, especially during peak times such as the start of lessons. This resulted in a sub-optimal learning experience for their students and frustrated teachers.

Since using CACHEBOX and the integrated Media Library, the district’s online experience has been transformed – and students are getting all the benefits of e-learning.

Joey Andrews at Arkadelphia School District refers to the CACHEBOX as the best investment he has made for his school district and while other districts were worried about how they would manage with the demands of e-learning, he knew that he was covered with CACHEBOX.

Therefore, when Arkadelphia upgraded to a much bigger 2.5GB connection, Joey was still convinced of the benefits that caching would bring to eliminate congestion. He upgraded to a CACHEBOX420 to complement the increase in bandwidth and serve a higher throughput to his schools.

In the last month, Arkadelphia School District has seen 72% of their internet traffic served from the cache. Despite the district’s significant bandwidth upgrade, CACHEBOX is serving content to users up to 43 times faster for Windows updates alone. By serving content from the cache instead of the internet, congestion and bottlenecks are avoided and learning can continue without wasted time waiting for a video to buffer or content to download.

“Although Arkadelphia upgraded their internet connection to a much faster line, CACHEBOX continues to play a key role in delivering a reliable, high-quality e-learning experience throughout the day,” says Roger Clark, CACHEBOX Product manager. “Regardless of available bandwidth, the intelligent caching technology is a game-changer for school districts – it serves content at the high speeds that a huge internet connection promises but is rarely able to deliver on.”

About Arkadelphia Public School District

Arkadelphia Public Schools is in Clark County, a rural part of Arkansas. It consists of four campuses and has over 1,800 students enrolled in K to 12th grade. Quality, Excellence and Equity are the District’s values: this is reflected in its status as an outstanding performing school district.