"I am very happy with the results. The call quality is very good..."
Mike Hennessey, VoIP Systems Engineer at Spidersat Communications, Tanzania
"The support we get from ApplianSys is just superb – the advice from ApplianSys has always been honest and straightforward, keeping our business growth at the forefront."
Mohammed Nori, MSTT, Libya
"Since installing VOIPBOX we’ve seen a massive improvement at our call centre. Very few calls get dropped now..."
Ahmed Mian, Technician at Euro Africa Travel, UK

Optimising Service Provider VoIP Offerings

Are you looking for new services to offer customers? Are existing subscribers complaining of poor call reliability? Are bandwidth costs crippling your growth? Before upgrading your connections to improve quality or to add capacity you need to optimise what you’ve already got.

Deployed between offices, VOIPBOX gives you all the benefits VoIP promises without the headaches.


Increase revenue by enabling more calls

VOIPBOX dramatically reduces the bandwidth required by VoIP traffic. You can now provide up to 28 high quality G729 calls over a 256K data link rather than the three that are normally possible. The more calls your customers are able to make the more revenue you can generate.

Add more subscribers

VOIPBOX reduces the bandwidth required to carry your customers VoIP traffic by up to 80%. The bandwidth you save can be allocated to new subscribers whilst maintaining call quality for existing customers. Because your costs are lower than your competitors you can drop your prices to attract more business.

Add premium services

You can offer service quality guarantees to customers looking for high quality, reliable connections.

Improve call reliability and customer satisfaction

If you’re concerned about call reliability, don’t be. VOIPBOX failover gives you ‘peace of mind’ by automatically switching over to configured backup links so your subscribers don’t lose any calls in progress.

Whether you’re routing calls locally or internationally VOIPBOX makes VoIP work better without affecting other traffic.

Local and International call routingVOIPBOX-ISP-Diagram

What’s going on?

  • The red bar represents an optimised data connection between locations
  • VOIPBOX separates voice and data traffic
  • The link between the ISP and externally hosted VoIP PBX can save up to 80% of your bandwidth
  • Increased ASR (Average Success Rate)  and ACD (Average Call Duration) over poor quality links
  • The connection now frees up capacity for more subscribers

Find out more

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VOIPBOX combines service provider Quality of Service levels with the simplicity of an appliance, making it attractive for both ISPs and enterprises who need to optimise bandwidth.

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