"The support we get from ApplianSys is just superb – the advice from ApplianSys has always been honest and straightforward, keeping our business growth at the forefront."
Mohammed Nori, MSTT, Libya
"I am very happy with the results. The call quality is very good..."
Mike Hennessey, VoIP Systems Engineer at Spidersat Communications, Tanzania
"Since installing VOIPBOX we’ve seen a massive improvement at our call centre. Very few calls get dropped now..."
Ahmed Mian, Technician at Euro Africa Travel, UK

Key Features

Flexible deployment

  • Supports both local and remote PBXs
  • Operates over Satellite links
  • Support for multiple voice protocols

Optimising Bandwidth & Reducing Jitter

‘Super packets’

  • Only one set of IP and UDP headers is needed for each ‘super-packet’ sent
  • Unnecessary information for each voice channel is not transmitted.
  • The cell padding effect, present on broadband networks, is eliminated
  • The amount of data sent in a  ‘super-packet’ can be as little as a single byte, meaning a class of traffic can be allocated 50 bytes per second (on a 256k link) and still function.
  • Bandwidth consumption is lower and far fewer packets per second are sent across the WAN, reducing load on routers and network congestion

Header compression
The bandwidth budget is reduced to that of the compression format used. A G.729 call only uses 8Kbit/s over the link

Packet prediction
VOIPBOX predicts when voice packets need to be sent. This helps reduce VoIP jitter almost to zero, no matter how much data is being sent or how large the MTU of the connection

Improving Call Reliability and Security

Backup links
Built in switch over to secondary IP connectivity enables resilient services to be deployed. Can be activated without losing calls in progress

Line bonding
ADSL lines can be bonded providing more bandwidth and resilience allowing the loss of a line without losing calls in progress

Private networks
VOIPBOX enabled sites can be joined together to form private networks, which means that security is easier to control

Management and ease of use

  • Web administration via secure SSL web interface
  • Shared management for multiple administrators via RADIUS authentication
  • Operating system runs from read only CompactFlash. more
  • Simple upgrade facility: performance, feature and security updates packaged as a single file
  • SNMP support allows the box to be monitored by standard networking tools
  • Supports Syslog output to remote Syslog server
  • Backup and restore
VOIPBOX combines service provider Quality of Service levels with the simplicity of an appliance, making it attractive for both ISPs and enterprises who need to optimise bandwidth.

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